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Heavy-Duty Clutch - Utility Vehicles

Heavy Duty Clutch

Bobcat Utility Vehicle (UTV) clutch

Take on even more demanding tasks on tougher terrain. Primary and secondary clutches in Bobcat utility vehicles are specifically matched to diesel engine horsepower and torque curves to deliver optimized drive performance, delivering great performance for towing, traversing difficult ground or pushing snow.  Enjoy a more comfortable ride for passengers and more stability when hauling materials thanks to stronger belt engagement, which minimizes slippage, even at low travel speeds. Sturdy, durable clutches improve cooling and optimal belt alignment means extended service intervals and more time spent on the job.

Air Intake System

Enjoy optimized performance for the life of your utility vehicle. The advanced air intake system located under the hood maintains a consistent temperature and delivers cool, clean dry air to the clutches. Less dust and moisture reduces wear and tear on components and belt slippage so your machine keeps working harder and longer than the competition.

Hill Descent Control

Stay in control while descending smoothly on hilly terrain with the engine braking system. You’ll be capable of more than ever before with reliable performance, greater acceleration and braking of this utility vehicle.