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Utility Products / Uptime Protection Features

Fast & Easy Maintenance - Utility Vehicles

Fast & Easy Maintenance

Bobcat Utility Vehicle (UTV) owner maintaining vehicle

Anytime Engine Oil Check

Checking your oil is essential and now it’s never been easier. Bobcat Utility Vehicles are designed so you can check the oil without moving or unloading the cargo box, making it faster and more convenient to maintain your machine so you can stay on the go.

Convenient Air, Oil and Fuel Filter Locations

Convenient access to air, oil and fuel filters, grease points, coolant, and engine oil make for easier service and quicker oil changes.

Larger Hood

See and reach the engine better than ever with a larger panoramic hood. Now it’s easier to fill fluids, install accessories and check electrical connections.

Fewer Grease Points

Maintenance free suspension joints provide fewer grease points, cutting down the time you spend on this important maintenance task.

Extended Service Intervals

Spending more time on the job and less time on service means a lower cost of ownership. Service intervals are now twice as long as previous models, ensuring you spend more time using your machine instead of maintaining it.