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Posted: 01/01/2016

Faster Depth Checks

If you’re over-digging or under-digging, you’re wasting valuable time. That’s why Bobcat® developed the industry’s first depth check system for compact equipment. With the depth check system, you can dial in your desired depth and dig until you reach it. You won’t find this feature on Caterpillar®, John Deere®, or Kubota® compact (mini) excavators. It’s just another way Bobcat makes your job easier and quicker. See how it works.

Depth Check Overview

Bobcat depth check solution

With the Bobcat depth check system, you’ll get your depth right every time, eliminating the rework required when you overdig or underdig. Easily check your trench depth from your cab, and virtually eliminate the need to leave the cab and manually measure your trench. Plus, unlike other depth check systems, it seamlessly integrates with Bobcat Deluxe Instrumentation or touch display.

Bobcat vs. Other Brands

Depth check system comparison of Bobcat vs Caterpillar vs John Deere vs Kubota compact (mini) excavators.

Test Results

Using the depth check system, you can dial in your desired depth. A simple interface integrated into the Deluxe Instrumentation panel or touch display will alert you with visual and audible notifications when you reach the correct depth. When comparing Caterpillar®, John Deere®, or Kubota® compact excavators, you won’t find anything like it. Bobcat is the industry’s only brand to offer a depth check system for compact (mini) excavators.

Depth Check System

Bobcat depth check system for Bobcat compact excavators.

Achieve an accurate grade every time without leaving your cab by using the Bobcat depth check system. Efficient and easy to use, the system delivers accurate dig depth measurement for precision grading performance. It prevents overdigging and the costs associated with backfilling and compacting fill material. It also prevents underdigging and the resulting need for manual labor to finalize depth or grade.


Evaluate your machine performance, assess your costs and protect your investment with the handy instrumentation options on Bobcat compact excavators. The standard panel gives you essential data, while the optional deluxe instrumentation panel offers advanced capabilities.

How We Test Equipment

Bobcat Advantage behind the scenes testing equipment video.

When you’re shopping for a new machine, it’s easy to compare specs. After all, that’s the best way to compare machines, right? Not quite. With specs, you’re only getting part of the story. They don’t measure real performance on your jobsite and that’s what matters most. It’s the reason we put top brands through the paces with fair, accurate, and repeatable tests. Watch to see how we developed the tests.

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