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Posted: 01/01/2016

Faster Agility

If you can backfill quickly, you’ll save valuable time on your jobsite. Bobcat® compact (mini) excavators can put more power to the ground when you engage your tracks. Caterpillar®, John Deere®, and Kubota® try to keep up, but Bobcat excavators are simply faster.  Watch the test to see for yourself.

Faster Agility Overview

When it comes to backfilling faster, hydraulic horsepower makes all the difference.

Watch the Full Test

What brand of excavator can backfill the fastest? Watch the test results.

Bobcat vs. Other Brands

Backfill speed comparison of Bobcat vs Caterpillar vs John Deere® vs Kubota® compact (mini) excavators.

Test Results

Bobcat excavators put more power to the ground when you engage your tracks. They effectively transfer horsepower better than any other brand. Caterpillar, John Deere, and Kubota try to keep up, but Bobcat excavators are simply faster. In head-to-head tests, Bobcat outperformed other brands by up to 26 percent.

Blade Float

Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) with blade float.

Simplify grading, leveling and backfilling. Blade float exerts a minimal, consistent down-force on the blade, with minimal operator input.

Angle Blade

Bobcat compact (mini excavator) with angle blade.

Compact excavators have always had backfill blades for backfilling, but the angle blade option gives you more flexibility. It provides simultaneous up/down and angle adjustment, up to 25 degrees left or right. The Bobcat bolt-on replaceable cutting edge that is easy to rotate and simple to replace, providing lower operating costs.

Behind the Scenes - Test Video

When you’re shopping for a new machine, it’s easy to compare specs. After all, that’s the best way to compare machines, right? Not quite. With specs, you’re only getting part of the story. They don’t measure real machine performance on your jobsite and that’s what matters most. It’s the reason we put top brands through the paces with fair, accurate, and repeatable tests. Watch to see how we developed the tests.

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