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Posted: 01/01/2016

Get There Faster

Time spent moving your excavator around your jobsite to multiple work areas can add up quickly. Slower travel speeds means you’ll waste valuable digging time. That’s why Bobcat® compact (mini) excavators are designed with travel speed in mind. Caterpillar®, John Deere®, and Kubota® machines try to deliver, but can’t keep up. Watch the test to see for yourself.

Travel Speed Overview

Travel speed overview video for Bobcat compact (mini) excavators.

When you’re working, small performance increases can have a big impact on your productivity. Faster travel speeds can increase the amount of digging time you have in a day. When you consider a large jobsite with multiple work areas, travel time can really add up.

Watch the Full Test

Travel speed test video for Bobcat compact (mini) excavators.

To find out which excavator would take you across a large jobsite fastest, we set up a simple speed test in a closed course. While some manufactures held their own, others struggled to keep up with the leader. Which brand of compact excavator won the race? Watch the test results to find out.

Bobcat vs. Other Brands

Travel speed test results of Bobcat vs Caterpillar vs John Deere vs Kubota compact (mini) excavators.

Test Results

According to specifications, travel speeds of each machine should be similar, but a real world test set the record straight. The Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator set the standard, finishing in 28 seconds, with the Bobcat E35i following at 31 seconds. John Deere®, Kubota®, and Caterpillar® finished in 34 seconds, nearly 25 ft. behind the leader.

Two-Speed Travel

Bobcat E20 compact (mini) excavator moves through a narrow doorway.

Maneuver faster with the Bobcat two-speed option. The quicker you can move on your jobsite, the faster you can complete your work. Select low range for pushing and dozing and high range for increased jobsite mobility.

Auto Shift Travel

Bobcat E35 compact (mini) excavator backfills dirt in an arena.

Auto Shift travel shifts the machine out of high range and back automatically, offering superb travel performance without having to manually downshift. It automatically transitions the travel motors to and from high range, giving you greater tractive effort with no manual shifting.

How We Test Equipment

Bobcat Advantage behind the scenes testing equipment video.

When you’re shopping for a new machine, it’s easy to compare specs. After all, that’s the best way to compare machines, right? Not quite. With specs, you’re only getting part of the story. They don’t measure real performance on your jobsite and that’s what matters most. It’s the reason we put top brands through the paces with fair, accurate, and repeatable tests. Watch to see how we developed the tests.

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