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Large Excavator / Performance Features

Selectable Work Modes - Large Excavators

Match performance to the task using four work modes to tailor the excavator’s power for digging or lifting. Two of the modes change the auxiliary hydraulic flow to use different types of attachments or protect hydraulic system components.


Bobcat 14-16T Size Class Large Excavator Digging On Construction Jobsite

This default setting delivers the power and response you need for general operation, from excavation to loading and lifting. The large excavator’s digging performance can be further enhanced with the four power modes.

Smart Power Control (SPC)

Smart Power Control Panel In 14-16T Size Class Large Excavator Cab

While in digging work mode, SPC matches load to engine rpm, hydraulic pump torque and engine response, improving efficiency in any of the four power modes. Operators can activate it in digging work mode, and they can turn it off whenever necessary.


Bobcat Customer Using 14-16T Size Class Large Excavator To Lift Material On Construction Site

Lifting mode will increase pump torque, lower engine rpm and provide an automatic power boost for lifting materials and objects – like pipe or concrete barriers.


Breaker, or one-way auxiliary hydraulic flow, works great for attachments that only require hydraulic power from one direction, such as breakers or plate compactors.


Shear, or two-way auxiliary hydraulic flow, is best for excavator attachments that need bi-directional hydraulic flow, such as a hydraulic clamp, tilting bucket or shear.