Concrete Pump

Concrete Pump

  • Simplifies concrete pouring in hard-to-reach locations 
  • Pumps concrete as far as 250 feet horizontally and up to two stories vertically 
  • Place up to 18 cubic yards of concrete per hour with a standard, hydraulic-flow loader 
  • High-flow loaders can place up to 28 cubic yards of concrete per hour 

Features & Benefits

Top Tasks

  • Pour concrete in difficult-to-reach locations.

How It Works

Attach your Bobcat® loader to either side of the concrete pump and position the unit where you need it. Then connect the hoses, feed the concrete mix into the hopper and pump.

Compatible Models


Operating Weight
2200 lb
102.9 in
47.9 in
54.9 in
Concrete Cylinder Diameter
6 in 
Concrete Cylinder Stroke
24 in
Maximum Aggregate Size
1.5 in
Maximum Concrete Pressure
750 psi
Swing Tube Diameter
5 in 
Swing Valve Cylinder Diameter
3 in 
Swing Valve Cylinder Stroke
6 in 
Pumping Cylinder Diameter
3 in 
Pumping Rate
Up to 30 cu. Yd. (23 cu. M.) per hour* 
Vertical Pumping Height
50 ft
Horizontal Pumping Distance
250 ft
Hopper Capacity
10 ft³

Additional Details

Depending on hose length and diameter, and conditions such as slump, additives and aggregate size and type, this powerful attachment can pump concrete as far as 250 feet horizontally and up to two stories vertically.

With a standard hydraulic flow loader, the pump can place concrete up to 18 cubic yards per hour. A high-flow loader can place concrete up to 28 cubic yards per hour.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust (including diesel engine exhaust when equipped), lead and lead compounds, mineral oils, soots, phthalates, and carbon monoxide which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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