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Answers to your top questions about compact tractors. Senior Product Manager James Crouch shares what to consider when purchasing a tractor.

Your Guided Tour of Bobcat Compact Tractors

Are you thinking about purchasing a compact tractor to help you with work on your acreage, farm property or grounds maintenance projects? In this Tractor Talk video series, Bobcat Sr. Product Manager, James Crouch answers some of the most commonly asked questions about tractor size, transmission options, maintenance and more. Whether you’re buying your first tractor or replacing your current tractor, it’s a great place to start your research. 

Tractor Talk Video Series

Bobcat Compact Tractor Size Platforms

James Crouch provides a quick, guided tour of the four Bobcat compact tractor platforms, from the sub-compact 1000 Platform models to our largest, high-horsepower 5000 Platform models. Hear tractor comparisons and as well as some examples of the best applications for each of these powerful, easy-to-use compact tractor platforms. Still not sure which size tractor model you need? Check out our “Guide To Compact Tractor Sizes.” 

Bobcat Compact Tractor Engine Horsepower, Transmission and PTO

In this short video, James Crouch outlines the options available to harness your Bobcat compact tractor’s horsepower including transmission types and power take-off (PTO) options. Learn about the four available transmission types and PTO options. Plus see other features that make using and attaching implements easier. Want more detail? Read about transmission types available for each Bobcat compact tractor model. 

Things to Know Before You Buy a Compact Tractor

What are some key things you should consider when choosing your compact tractor? James Crouch shares tractor comparisons by size class and talks about the different types of work each can perform. He also discusses the importance of comfort features, easy access and tire options available. Still unsure which tire is right for your work? Read more on selecting the right compact tractor tire. 

Bobcat Compact Tractor Maintenance and Serviceability Features

Bobcat Sr. Product Manager James Crouch discusses how Bobcat compact tractors make chores easier and are designed to make upkeep easier, too. He outlines several features that make the equipment easier to service as well as the quality service available from the Bobcat dealer network – to help keep your equipment running at top performance. Ready to take the next step? Build your perfect compact tractor. 

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Explore Our Tractor Lineup
An Operator Getting Into a Bobcat CT5558 Compact Tractor

Explore Our Tractor Lineup

Get information about the full lineup of Bobcat sub-compact and compact tractors, see recommendations on choosing a platform based on the type of work you do, research specific models and more.

Do More with One Machine
Bobcat CT2025 Compact Tractor With 3pt Box Blade Attachment Traveling Down Gravel Road

Do More with One Machine

The 3-point hitch on Bobcat compact tractors transforms every model into a machine that can do it all. See all the things you could do with Category 1 implements or attachments.

Continue Your Discovery
Parents And A Small Child Walking Next To A Bobcat Compact Tractor

Continue Your Discovery

The Bobcat Tractor lineup has a model that is made to match your property and lifestyle. Discover more resources to help you find the perfect match. 

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