Large Rotary Industrial Air Compressors

Large Rotary Industrial Air Compressors

125 hp | 150 hp | 200 hp

For large operations requiring dependable, heavy-duty compressed air, Bobcat® large rotary industrial air compressors deliver unrivalled performance and reliability to keep you up and running. They feature oil-flooded compression chambers with fixed-speed or variable speed drives, intuitive controller and top tier flow rates, giving more air for your money. The variable-speed drive option gives you increased efficiency, as well as the ability to run multiple applications with the proper output.

  • Premium ie3 long-life Marathon TEFC motors increase uptime while decreasing costs 
  • Bobcat Advanced System Controller (ASC) pairs simplicity with robust safety features 
  • 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty 
  • 125 hp, 150 hp and 200 hp options for heavy-duty operations


For big operations, compressed air is as important as any other utility. Not only do Bobcat large industrial air compressors deliver the rugged reliability needed to keep you up and running, but every part is also in stock and ready to go out the door to minimize any downtime for repairs and maintenance.

When needed, you’ll have 24/7 access to live technical support from real product experts based in Statesville, North Carolina. Each model in this lineup features a TEFC – totally enclosed fan cooled – induction motor that gives you increased uptime with lower upfront costs, as well as lower lifetime costs compared to the competition. Fixed-speed motors come standard in each 125, 150, or 200 hp oil-flooded compressor model, with an available variable-speed option designed to efficiently and safely handle multiple applications with the proper power.

Finally, the Advanced System Controller (ASC) allows for simplified operation with unmatched safety features, including “test mode” so your team can test key electrical components without having to open the control panel itself, significantly reducing risk of operator injury.

Specs & Compare

Large Rotary Industrial Air Compressor Key Specifications
Nominal Power - 125 Psig
200 hp
150 hp
125 hp
125 hp
150 hp
200 hp
Nominal Power - 100 Psig
200 hp