Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor

The Bobcat® PA1600VP portable air compressor delivers heavy-duty air power in a compact design for best-in-class serviceability.

  • Two-in-one performance with dual pressure and flow settings
  • Powered by your choice of CAT® or Cummins® engine 
  • Ideal for abrasive blasting, painting and coating applications 
  • Proprietary airend technology increases efficiency

PA1600VP Overview

The Bobcat PA1600VP delivers heavy-duty air power that can be easily adjusted to fit your varied jobsite needs. Powered by your choice of engine – Cummins or CAT – this newly redesigned towable compressor features a compact footprint, an efficient airend with wider flow and pressure ranges, as well as best-in-class serviceability.

The PA1600VP was engineered for maximum jobsite productivity. Extra-wide doors and thoughtful placement of service items ensure minimal downtime during routine scheduled maintenance or on-the-job fixes. For jobs that include different applications, you can easily switch between two adjustable pressure settings – 150 or 200 psi – directly from the control panel.

Dual pressure technology from Bobcat gives you the versatile air power you need to maximize productivity on the jobsite. With the HI/LOW options on the control panel, you can easily choose between the two adjustable airflow and air pressure combinations to power multiple applications, eliminating the need for multiple compressors.

The proprietary airend, custom designed for this machine, offers a highly efficient rotor profile that requires less horsepower to deliver the high-volume cfm output you need for big jobs. Yet the compact design makes it easy to maneuver around the jobsite with exceptional towability and cooling performance. It can also be mounted to a flatbed for easier transportation.

For specialized jobs requiring cleaner air, the PA1600VP can be equipped with the patented IQ System®, which adds an onboard aftercooler, a coalescing dual filtration system and an exclusive zero-discharge condensate removal system. These components work together to produce clean air that protects the tools downstream from contaminants, such as aerosol oil vapors and microscopic dust particles.

For heavy-duty jobs, rely on the Bobcat PA1600VP to deliver versatile air power to maximize your jobsite productivity.

PA1600VP Specs & Compare

PA1600VP Key Specifications
Rated Operating Pressure
150/200 psig (10.3/13.8 bar) 
150/200 psig (10.3/13.8 bar) 
PA825V Bobcat PA825v Portable Air Compressor Against a White Background


Free Air Delivery: 825 cfm & 750 cfm

PA1170P Bobcat PA1170p Air Compressor Against a White Background


Free Air Delivery: 1170 cfm

PA425V PA425v Portable Air Compressor Against a White Background


Free Air Delivery: 425 cfm & 375 cfm

PA185 A Blacked Out Bobcat Portable Air Compressor Shadow Graphic on a White Background
Photo Coming Soon


Free Air Delivery: 185 cfm

PA750P A Blacked Out Bobcat Portable Air Compressor Shadow Graphic on a White Background
Photo Coming Soon


Free Air Delivery: 750 cfm

PA450VP Bobcat PA450vp Air Compressor


Free Air Delivery: 450 cfm & 400 cfm

PA185VP Bobcat PA185vp Air Compressor


Free Air Delivery: 185 cfm

PA250V Bobcat PA250v Air Compressor Against a White Background


Free Air Delivery: 250 cfm

PA1600VP (Cummins Engine) The Towable Bobcat PA1600vp Portable Air Compressor

PA1600VP (Cummins Engine)

Free Air Delivery: 1600 cfm & 1400 cfm

PA915 A Blacked Out Bobcat Portable Air Compressor Shadow Graphic on a White Background
Photo Coming Soon


Free Air Delivery: 915 cfm


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust (including diesel engine exhaust when equipped), lead and lead compounds, mineral oils, soots, phthalates, and carbon monoxide which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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