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Why Choose Bobcat Attachments and Implements?

Bobcat Forestry Attachments

Get specialized solutions for rugged land clearing.

S76 Skid-Steer Loader With Stump Grinder Attachment Grinding Stump

Removing trees, grinding stumps and clearing overgrown brush is tough work that requires specialized equipment designed to withstand the harshest working conditions. Bobcat offers a selection of industry-specific attachments that make the most challenging forestry work faster and easier. So you can get in, get it done and get on to the next job.

Top Attachments for Forestry Applications

Bobcat T770 Compact Loader Equipped With Forestry Applications Kit To Protect Key Areas Of The Machine

Protect Yourself and Your Equipment

Flying debris, falling objects, rough terrain and other hazards are all part of challenging forestry work. The forestry applications kit, which must be installed on the loader to operate the forestry cutter attachment, protects you and your equipment. Features include a special forestry door, polycarbonate windows and a series of debris guards for muffler, lights and hydraulic components.

Bobcat Forestry Cutter Attachment Grinding Through Trees And Branches Creating Organic Mulch

Clear Trees and Create Valuable Mulch

Quickly clear trees and turn unsightly overgrowth into mulch with the powerful forestry cutter attachment. Its compact size is ideal for a variety of tree clearing jobs, including site preparation, right-of-way maintenance, post disaster cleanup, upkeep on orchards or vineyards and cutting in firebreaks around properties. The cutter’s fast-cutting teeth rip through hard and soft woods and grind them into valuable organic material.

Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader With Stump Grinder Attachment Removing Stump

Grind Away Unsightly Tree Stumps

Whether you’re removing a large number of tree stumps in a big, open area or just one in a small backyard, the powerful Bobcat® stump grinder makes it fast and easy. This attachment mounts directly on the front of the machine, making it highly maneuverable even in tight areas. Powerful teeth rip through hard wood, grinding it into mulch while deflection shields protect you from flying wood chips.

Bobcat Compact Track Loader With Brushcat Rotary Cutter Attachment Clears Overgrown Brush On Acreage

Clear the Overgrowth

Clear overgrown areas to create trails, remove brush to prepare construction sites or control undergrowth on your acreage. The industry-leading Brushcat™ rotary cutter attachment easily handles tough brush-clearing jobs and quickly mulches saplings and small branches up to three inches in diameter. The lightweight deck and superior oscillation allows the cutter to follow ground contours for a clean cut, even on slopes.

Toolcat Utility Work Machine With Flail Cutter Mowing Down Brush Along Rural Trail

Clear Brush and Small Trees

With the flail cutter attachment, you can cut, mulch and mow materials up to three inches in diameter. Use this attachment with your compact equipment to quickly clear long grass, brush and small trees on your farm, lakefront property, construction site, trail or wherever you need brush mowed or small trees removed. The flail cutter deck floats over contours for optimal mowing performance.

Bobcat Flail Mower Attachment Mowing Down Tall Grass

Clear Hard-to-Reach Brush with the Long Reach of Your Excavator

Your excavator can do more than dig. The powerful Bobcat flail mower attached to the excavator arm can easily reach and shred overgrown vegetation. It’s the ideal solution for preparing land for construction, controlling overgrowth and clearing brush on riverbanks, hillsides, ditches, culverts and other difficult-to-reach areas. It easily handles small branches, saplings, thick grass and vegetation up to four inches in diameter.

Find Attachments for Your Carrier

Which tasks do you need to accomplish more efficiently on your forestry jobs? Check out a long list of versatile, quality attachments for compact loaders, compact excavators, small articulated loaders, mini track loaders, Toolcat™ utility work machines and VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carriers. Get more from your machine and do more than ever before.