UV34 (Diesel)
Utility Vehicle

UV34 (Diesel)
Utility Vehicle

The diesel engine and tough chassis and suspension make the UV34 the most versatile part of your crew. 

  • Three-cylinder diesel engine 
  • High-output alternator, offering 140-amp peak 
  • Automatic glow plugs for cold-weather starting 
  • Cargo box holds up to 1,250 lbs

UV34 Diesel Overview

  • The Bobcat® 23.5-hp UV34 diesel UTV is designed to take on challenging projects, hauling materials and tools or towing heavy trailers and equipment.  

  • A three-cylinder diesel engine delivers a flatter horsepower and torque curve to offer the performance you demand. Because the engine is under 25 hp, it does not require a diesel particulate filter (DPF), which means no regeneration required.  

  • A high-output alternator is standard, offering a 140-amp peak to provide generous power for high-demand attachments, lights, radio, accessories, options and devices.  

  • Automatic glow plugs warm the engine for reliable cold weather starting.  

  • The large cargo box handles up to 1,250 pounds of material and retains its strength for years.  

  • The UV34 has what you need to tackle your toughest projects, including all-wheel drive, improved ground clearance, increased tow rating and convenient service access.