UV34XL (Gas)
Utility Vehicle

UV34XL (Gas)
Utility Vehicle

Get hard-working performance, gas-engine convenience and seating for six with the UV34XL. 

  • Haul more materials, tow heavier loads and transport more people 
  • 1,000 cc two-cylinder SOHC engine for high performance 
  • Large 900-watt stator provides 75 amps of output 
  • Large cargo box with durable composite interior 
  • All-wheel drive

UV34XL Gas Overview

  • When you need to haul more materials, tow heavier loads and transport more people, the UV34XL does it all.  

  • This 39.9-hp utility vehicle, also known as a side-by-side UTV, offers seating for six people and includes a 1,000cc, two-cylinder SOHC engine that delivers high-performance power, maximum reliability, durability, plus gas-engine convenience.  

  • The large, 900-watt stator provides about 75 amps of output for use with the snow blade and other electric-powered accessories, while the electronic fuel injection offers the best starting performance in all seasons.  

  • A large cargo box with a durable composite interior stands up to tough cargo and materials, retaining its strength (and good looks) for years.  

  • All that, plus the Bobcat® UV34XL offers all-wheel drive, convenient service access, improved ground clearance and increased tow rating – just what your toughest projects demand.