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Attachments / Utility Bucket - Small Articulated Loaders

Utility Bucket (Small Articulated Loaders)

Utility Bucket For Small Articulated Loader Cut Out Image

Pair a utility bucket with a Bobcat small articulated loader, and you can perform standard-duty grading and leveling applications as well as handle material around your jobsites. The durable design is the same design used for Bobcat compact loader buckets, so you are assured of quality and efficiency. The bucket also includes a see-through back design providing you excellent visibility of the cutting edge while working.

  • Perfect for standard-duty grading, leveling and material handling
  • Optimal cutting-edge visibility
  • Excellent bucket breakout force


Top Tasks

  • Standard-duty grading and leveling
  • Material handling

How It Works

The economical Bobcat utility bucket has pre-drilled holes to accommodate ease of installation for available Bobcat bucket accessories.


  • Skid-bar design: Offers wear protection to the bottom of the bucket; backs up the cutting edge and adds strength to the bottom of the bucket.
  • See-through back design: Delivers excellent cutting edge visibility and efficient operation.
  • Bolt-on cutting edge: Provides longer life to your loader’s bucket.
  • Upper flat surface edge: Serves as a “level indicator” to show when the bucket is level during operation.
  • SAL compatible Bob-Tach interface: On the 44” bucket, accommodates a Mini Bob-Tach (the SAL compatible option.) On the 54” and 60” buckets, accommodates a Standard Bob-Tach. Helps prevent an improper carrier attachment interface from being connected.
  • 70-degree angled bucket back and Bob-Tach combo: Offers the same roll back and dump as found on Bobcat compact loaders.
  • No interior bucket braces: Allows easier clean out of debris.


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