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Posted: 05/20/2020

(WEST FARGO, N.D. – May 2020) Bobcat Company is introducing four all-new, 60 frame size vertical lift path loaders to its product lineup: the Bobcat® R-Series T64 and T66 compact track loaders and S64 and S66 skid-steer loaders. These new loaders will join the T76 compact track loaders and S76 skid-steer loaders that were launched February 2020. The T64 and S64 offer 68 horsepower and 2,300-pound rated operating capacity. The T66 and S66 models offer 74 horsepower and 2,450- and 2,400-pound rated operating capacity, respectively.

With a total focus on quality, the new 60 platform R-Series loaders offer uncompromising reliability and durability, enhanced performance and unmatched operator experience. While maintaining a compact frame, the new Bobcat R-Series loaders have upgraded performance with greater lift capacities and higher lift heights than their M- and M2-Series predecessors.

Increased lift capabilities

From a heavy bucketful of material to a truck filled with hefty pallets, the ability to lift more and carry more provides a true measure of loader productivity. R-Series 60 frame-size loaders are equipped with redesigned lift arms featuring cast-steel segments for increased strength and lifting capability. The R-Series lift arms are stronger in key areas, yet slimmer to ensure optimal performance and increased visibility. The lift arms, combined with the optimized lift arm linkage, ensure that operators can handle more challenging jobs with greater confidence and ease.

Improved cooling system

As operators require compact equipment to run longer and do bigger, more difficult jobs, better cooling is essential. The R-Series cooling system is completely redesigned for optimal operation and maximum uptime. Key R-Series cooling system improvements include a larger, higher-capacity radiator; fan size that has increased by approximately 50%, which achieves more cooling at a slower rotation; and a tailgate with heavy-duty steel louvers allowing for optimal airflow while still providing a frontline defense against jobsite debris.


R-Series loaders bring more comfort to challenging jobs with their excellent visibility, comfortable controls, numerous options and roomy environment. A new, clear-side enclosure option reduces steel mesh screens from the side windows, allowing operators a clearer view to the sides of the machine to help maneuver more confidently. In addition, the arm linkage has been repositioned to the rear of the machine, allowing the best possible view to the wheels or tracks. R-Series loaders come standard with front and rear LED lights for far-reaching visibility in low-light situations. Operators can also upgrade to optional premium LED lights that wrap around the cab’s upper corners or add side LED lights to illuminate more of the jobsite. R-Series 60 frame-size loaders come rear-camera ready; the rear camera integrates seamlessly with in-cab displays to provide an on-demand, automatic or continuous rear view.

One-piece, sealed and pressurized cab

The new one-piece, sealed and pressurized cab design provides a near-seamless interior for a new level of operator comfort and improved service access. The roomier design offers a sealed and pressurized environment that repels dust and dirt in the cab, isolates the operator from engine and hydraulic noise, and enhances the efficiency of heating and air conditioning. When it’s time for maintenance or repairs, the entire R-Series cab rotates out of the way to provide improved service access – with hardware on the cab exterior for easy removal.

Redesigned Bobcat inline engine and durable direct-drive system

The R-Series 60 frame-size models offer a redesigned 2.4-liter Tier 4 Bobcat engine. The new inline engine design and a durable direct-drive system offer high performance in a compact machine profile. This redesigned Bobcat engine meets Tier 4 regulations without a diesel particulate filter (DPF), reducing downtime that occurs with DPF regeneration and long-term DPF maintenance costs. Bobcat engines feature a robust combustion chamber that handles more pressure and produces more torque than ever before, meaning better performance for pushing, digging, lifting and operating attachments.

5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage

New to the 60 frame-size compact track loaders, the patented Bobcat 5-Link torsion suspension undercarriage option dramatically reduces stress and vibration, making operation more comfortable.

Cast-steel attachment mounting system

A new cast-steel Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system provides a stronger connection point with more metal where it’s really needed. It has fewer welds overall, plus openings that allow dirt and debris to pass through. Altogether, it provides solid, reliable attachment connections, plus less debris buildup.

Additional features include:

  • Industry-leading standard and optional displays (standard 5-inch display or optional 7-inch display with Bluetooth)
  • Eye-level push-button controls
  • Protected battery with remote jumpstart
  • A new, larger fuel filter enabling better system protection and longer filter life
  • Adjustment-free engine belts for quick, easy serviceability
  • Standard keyless start and theft protection

Quick Look: Bobcat R-Series T66 compact track loader

Horsepower: 74-hp Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine
Rated operating capacity: 2,450 lb.
Operating weight: 8,927 lb.
Lift height to hinge pin: 120 in.
Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 17.6 gpm
High-flow option: 29.9 gpm

Quick Look: Bobcat R-Series S66 skid-steer loader

Horsepower: 74-hp Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine
Rated operating capacity: 2,400 lb.
Operating weight: 7,154 lb.
Lift height to hinge pin: 120 in.
Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 17.6 gpm
High-flow option: 26.9 gpm
Standard 2-Speed

Quick Look: Bobcat R-Series T64 compact track loader

Horsepower: 68-hp Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine
Rated operating capacity: 2,300 lb.
Operating weight: 8,727 lb.
Lift height to hinge pin: 120 in.
Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 17.6 gpm
High-flow option: 26.9 gpm

Quick Look: Bobcat R-Series S64 skid-steer loader

Horsepower: 68-hp Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine
Rated operating capacity: 2,300 lb.
Operating weight: 6,974 lb.
Lift height to hinge pin: 120 in.
Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 17.6 gpm
High-flow option: 26.9 gpm

Bobcat Company, headquartered in West Fargo, North Dakota, is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of compact equipment. Bobcat® compact equipment includes skid-steer, all-wheel steer, mini track and compact track loaders; excavators; VersaHANDLER® telescopic tool carriers; utility vehicles; Toolcat™ utility work machines; compact tractors; small articulated loaders, and attachments and implements. Bobcat is a global brand with more than 600 dealer locations in North America and the leader in compact equipment – the industry’s original innovator, beginning more than 60 years ago with the first compact machine and predecessor to the skid-steer loader. Bobcat leads the industry with state-of-the-art technology for its compact equipment, delivering the latest solutions to help customers work more productively. For more information on Bobcat products and technology, visit

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