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Snow Blade

Bobcat snow blade (snowblade) attachment is used to remove snow from a driveway.

Plow through the deepest drifts and push large piles of snow with the snow V-blade attachment.

Fingertip controls make it easy to configure the hydraulically operated blade, tackling any snow removal job on the go. With the standard, high-carbon steel cutting edge, the operator can maximize the snow removal capabilities of the snow V-blade. Snow V-blades feature a trip moldboard that reduces potential impact damage to the snow V-blade if the blade contacts sections of raised concrete on sidewalks, manholes or other obstructions.

Top Tasks

  • Remove light or moderate snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots


  • Moldboard: Angles right or left up to 30 degrees for protection standard snow blades offer trip moldboard and heavy duty snow blades offer trip edge.
  • Depth Shoes: Long lasting and adjustable to match your conditions.
  • Cutting Edge: High carbon steel is standard, rubber and polyurethane are available.

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