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Compact (Mini) Excavator Buyer’s Guide: Part 6 of 6 

After you purchase a compact excavator, keep your new machine running at peak condition with these service and maintenance tips.  

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Operator checks the air filter on a Bobcat E50 compact excavator

Keep Your Compact Excavator Running Strong.  

Proper service and maintenance of your compact (mini) excavator are crucial for ensuring its longevity. Regular maintenance helps prevent downtime and costly repairs, ultimately saving you time and money.  

By adhering to the manufacturer's maintenance and service schedules, performing common maintenance tasks, and promptly addressing repair issues, you can minimize downtime, prevent costly repairs, and ensure your compact excavator remains an asset for years to come.  


Maintenance and Service Schedules  

Each compact excavator manufacturer provides a recommended maintenance and service schedule, which outlines the necessary tasks and intervals for optimal performance. These schedules typically include daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance tasks, and services based on hours of operation.   

Adhering to the manufacturer's maintenance and service schedule helps ensure your compact excavator remains in optimal condition and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.  

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Panoramic Serviceability  

Bobcat compact excavators are designed to make regular maintenance easy. A wide opening gives you more space to work, while a smart layout provides quick access to critical components. When maintenance is faster and more convenient, you’re more likely to perform it as scheduled.  

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Common Maintenance Tasks  

Some common maintenance tasks for compact excavators include:  

Daily Inspections 

Check fluid levels (engine oil, hydraulic oil, coolant), inspect for leaks, check for loose or damaged parts, and ensure all safety features are functioning correctly.

How to Inspect Your Compact Excavator

Regular Lubrication 

Lubricate all grease points, such as the swing bearing, swing gear, boom, arm and bucket pivot points, as recommended by the manufacturer.  

How to Grease Compact Excavator

Track Tension 

Regularly inspect and adjust track tension to prevent premature wear, improve traction and reduce the risk of derailment.  

How to Check Compact Excavator Track Tension

Oil and Filter Changes 

Change the engine oil and replace oil, fuel and air filters at the intervals specified by the manufacturer.  

How to Change Engine Oil and Filter on Compact Excavator

Cooling System Maintenance 

Inspect the radiator, coolant level and hoses for leaks, damage or obstructions, and clean or replace components as needed.  

Hydraulic System Maintenance 

Inspect hydraulic hoses, fittings and cylinders for leaks or damage, and replace or repair as needed.  

How to Change and Replace Hydraulic Fluid on Compact Excavator

When you purchase or lease a compact excavator, refer to the operation and maintenance manual to learn how to properly maintain your equipment and protect your investment. Bobcat also provides service and maintenance videos to help customers perform regular maintenance and extend the life of their equipment.   

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Choosing a compact excavator with a solid warranty helps protect your investment and ensures that you can rely on the manufacturer's support should any issues arise. Look for a brand that offers comprehensive warranty coverage for both the machine and its components.   

These are some key areas to review within a warranty:  

  • Pay attention to the duration of the warranty and what it specifically covers, including engine, hydraulic system, electrical components and structural integrity. Some warranties may also include coverage for parts and labor.   
  • Consider the warranty's transferability if you plan to sell the excavator in the future. A longer warranty period indicates the manufacturer's confidence in the quality and reliability of their product.   
  • Review the warranty terms and conditions to understand any limitations or requirements, such as regular maintenance and using authorized service centers.  

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Dealer Support and Brand Reputation  

Dealer Support  

A reputable dealer can make a significant difference in your ownership experience and the long-term value of your purchase. Look for dealerships that have a solid track record of excellent customer service, timely maintenance support and readily available parts.   

A dealer with a dedicated service department and knowledgeable staff ensures that your compact excavator receives regular maintenance, repairs and any necessary warranty work promptly and efficiently.   

Learn More: Find a Dealer

Brand Reputation  

Additionally, choosing a brand with a strong reputation in the industry provides confidence in the machine's quality, durability and performance. Established brands often have a wide network of dealerships, making it easier to find support and access genuine parts.    

Take the time to research and choose a dealer and brand with a reputation for reliable products and exceptional customer care to maximize the value and longevity of your compact excavator investment.  

Compact Excavator Telematics (Bobcat Machine IQ)  


Bobcat Machine IQ is a wireless telematics system that can remotely track a compact excavator's location and monitor its performance, enabling better fleet management and theft prevention with mobile device management capability.

You can use it to:  

  • Analyze the efficiency and productivity of your fleet.   
  • Track your machine’s location history, operating hours and fuel usage.   
  • Receive maintenance and operation notifications.   
  • Create a tailored maintenance schedule based on how you use your machine.    
  • Access machine information anytime via your Bobcat Owner Portal account at   

Subscribe for Free 

Machine IQ is a subscription-based service. Many Bobcat machine owners get access to the Machine IQ Basics package at no cost for the first three years (from the date of original purchase). Machines connected with an aftermarket kit begin their Machine IQ Basics subscription once the telematics device is connected.   

Get 24/7 Access to Vital Information  

Machine IQ Basics enhances operational efficiency, optimizes your performance and helps you make better decisions with 24/7 access to machine information through the Bobcat Owner Portal or Machine IQ mobile app.   

Protect Your Investment 

Machine IQ Health & Security provides advanced machine analytics and reporting, plus customizable notifications to be more responsive to your machine's health and status. With the advanced Health & Security package, you get more robust machine data, plus the convenience of proactive email notifications.

It includes all Basics package features, fault code notifications with troubleshooting steps that take the guesswork out of diagnosing machine issues, utilization reports presented in easy-to-understand charts, advanced fleet-level reporting to optimize job-site efficiency, plus motion detection, geofence operation boundaries and curfew alerts to give you peace of mind that your connected machines are protected.  

Learn More: Machine IQ  

Compact Excavator Service and Maintenance 

Diligent service and maintenance are important to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your compact excavator. By adhering to the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules, conducting routine inspections and promptly addressing repair issues, operators can minimize downtime and costly repairs, ultimately maximizing the machine's efficiency and lifespan.

Additionally, selecting a compact excavator with a solid warranty and dealer support enhances peace of mind and ensures timely assistance when needed. Telematics systems like Bobcat Machine IQ further streamline maintenance efforts by providing real-time machine data and facilitating proactive maintenance planning.

Embracing strong maintenance and service practices not only protects your investment but boosts productivity and efficiency on the job site, making the compact excavator a valuable asset for years to come.   

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