Compact Excavator Attachments

Compact (Mini) Excavator Buyer’s Guide: Part 5 of 6 

Explore a variety of compact excavator attachments that can turn your machine into a do-it-all, multipurpose tool.  

Transform Your Compact Excavator with Attachments.  

Excavator attachments play a vital role in enhancing the versatility of compact (mini) excavators, allowing operators to perform a wide variety of tasks with just one machine. With the appropriate attachment, your compact excavator can become a powerful multipurpose machine capable of tackling various tasks across different industries.  

How to Choose the Right Compact Excavator Attachment  

Selecting the appropriate attachment for your compact excavator requires careful consideration of several factors.  

  • Determine the specific application: Identify the task you want to perform and choose an attachment designed for that purpose.  
  • Consider the size and weight of the attachment: Ensure the attachment is compatible with your compact excavator's size and weight limitations.  
  • Check compatibility with the compact excavator: Verify the attachment can be easily connected to and operated by your compact excavator.  
  • Consider the durability and strength of the attachment: Opt for high-quality, robust attachments that can withstand the demands of your specific tasks.  
  • Determine the maintenance requirements of the attachment: Choose attachments that are easy to maintain and have readily available spare parts.  
  • Consider the usability of the attachment: Select attachments that are user-friendly and easy to operate.

Types of Excavator Attachment Couplers  

Couplers are used to connect various attachments to an excavator, enabling operators to switch between tasks seamlessly. Bobcat offers several styles of couplers:  

X-Change System  

The Bobcat X-Change system is standard on many Bobcat compact excavators, from the E26 to the E60. The Bobcat X-Change mounting system retains full breakout forces and will not change the bucket tooth radius, enabling you to retain full performance for changing attachments.  

Hydraulic X-Change System  

The Hydraulic X-Change system is an enhanced version of the Bobcat X-Change system that enables quick and effortless attachment changes without tools.  This mounting system eliminates the need to manually align attachment pins during hook-up. Operators can quickly change non-hydraulic attachments without leaving their seat.  

Hydraulic Pin Grabber  

Hydraulic pin grabber couplers allow for fast and easy attachments changes. Operators can quickly change non-hydraulic attachments without leaving the cab. This system is available as an option on the Bobcat E88, E145 and E165.  

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Mechanical Pin Grabber  

Available on the Bobcat E20 and E19e compact excavator models, mechanical pin grabber couplers provide an economical, robust and reliable connection between the compact excavator and the attachment. This style of quick coupler unlocks and releases an attachment in one easy operation, making it easy to use the right pin-on attachment for the job.  

Hydraulic Tilt Coupler  

Hydraulic tilt couplers offer greater attachment rotation for leading job-site productivity. Operators can quickly adjust the bucket or attachment angle rather than repositioning the excavator, saving operator time and effort. Available on the E88 and the E145, hydraulic tilt couplers can rotate any bucket or other attachment 134 degrees, or as much as 180 degrees, depending on the coupler model.   

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Types of Excavator Attachments  

There are numerous attachments available for compact excavators, each designed for specific applications.  

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Additional Attachments   

There are many other attachments available for Bobcat excavators, including grading blades, clamps, and the Pro Clamp™ system that enables you to get a wider grip for large objects or grade the trench.

There also are swing accessories, like PowerTilt and Hydra-Tilt, which enable you to angle your bucket or attachment for more maneuverability and capability. There are 20 unique attachments for Bobcat compact excavators.

Making an Informed Buying Decision  

Compact excavator attachments significantly enhance the versatility and functionality of these machines. By carefully selecting the appropriate attachment, operators can transform their compact excavators into multipurpose tools capable of tackling countless tasks with precision and efficiency.

With coupler options that enable quick, seamless attachment changes, like the X-Change system, Hydraulic X-Change system, the hydraulic pin grabber, and the mechanical pin grabber, you can move from one job to the next in minutes.

A diverse range of attachments caters to different applications and project demands, including excavation, demolition, landscaping, forestry, mining, roadwork, utilities, and waste management. These attachments empower operators to maximize productivity and accomplish jobs with confidence and ease.  

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