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All-Electric Compact Loader

Bobcat® T7X All-Electric Compact Track Loader Studio Shot

Meet the Bobcat T7X Compact Track Loader

The T7X is your window into the future of the compact equipment industry. Since inventing the world’s first skid-steer loader more than 60 years ago, Bobcat Company has continued to develop leading innovations that move the equipment industry forward and redefine what is possible.

With the introduction of the Bobcat T7X, we’re shaking up the industry again.

2022 CES Innovation Award Winner

The Bobcat T7X was honored with two 2022 CES Innovation Awards in the categories of Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation and Smart Cities. The CES Innovation Awards program recognizes honorees in a multitude of consumer technology product categories and distinguishes the highest rated in each. Products are reviewed and scored by an elite panel of judges of designers, engineers and members of the tech media based on design, functionality, consumer appeal, engineering and their positive impact on the world.

Leading Performance

The T7X is completely battery powered and equipped to outperform its diesel-powered counterparts.

The heart of the T7X is its powerful, 62-kilowatt lithium-ion battery. Each charge can support common daily work operations for up to four hours of continuous operation time and a full day of operation during intermittent use. After a recharge, the T7X is ready to do the tough work again.

Unlike other compact loaders, the T7X doesn’t rely on a hydraulic system to transfer power to the machine’s work group. Instead, it features an electrical drive system consisting of electric motors and ball screw actuators. Together, the battery plant and electrical powertrain generate incredible performance characteristics, with instantaneous torque that’s as much as three times greater than traditional loaders.

The unique approach to designing the first truly all-electric compact track loader created new opportunities to integrate cutting-edge software that makes the T7X a more intelligent, more productive work machine to help operators get their work done faster.

Bobcat® T7X All-Electric Compact Track Loader Dumping Dirt
Bobcat® T7X All-Electric Compact Track Loader Moving Dirt

A New Paradigm in Cost Ownership

The Bobcat T7X is built with about half the parts and components required for a traditional, diesel-engine loader, driving down maintenance and overall ownership costs to levels never reached before. It takes just one quart of eco-friendly coolant compared to nearly 60 gallons of fluids required in its diesel-and hydraulic-powered counterpart.

With fewer parts, components and fluid, regular maintenance and repair costs are significantly reduced as well as work time lost to maintenance and repairs. Fluid leaks, which can contaminate soil and groundwater and stain finished surfaces, are eliminated.

Zero Emissions

Producing no emissions, the Bobcat T7X Compact Track Loader offers an environmentally friendly solution that leaves competitors' machines in their exhaust. With the Bobcat T7X, the challenges that come with continually evolving emissions regulations are no longer an issue.

Bobcat® T7X All-Electric Compact Track Loader Moving Dirt
Bobcat® T7X All-Electric Compact Track Loader Moving Dirt


The nearly silent T7X loader can be operated all hours of the day, even where noise restrictions can limit work hours. The T7X works quietly and efficiently in sensitive, sometimes crowded urban environments. The battery plant and all-electric powertrain create an exceptional operator experience with drastically reduced noise and vibration, which both operators and jobsite bystanders will enjoy.

At Bobcat, we're bringing you innovations that redefine what is possible and how work gets done.

Bobcat T7X Compact Track Loader Specifications

Power & Performance

Rated Operating Capacity (35% tipping load)
3030 lb. (1374 kg)
Tipping Load
8571 lb. (3887 kg)
Operating Weight
12,187 lb. (5528 kg)
Breakout Force - Lift
7127 lb. (3233 kg)
Breakout Force - Lift - Machine Limitation (hyd/tip)
Breakout Force -Tilt
6078 lb. (2757 kg)
Breakout Force - Tilt - Machine Limitation (hyd/tip)
Travel Speed - Single Speed
0.0-5.9 mph (0.0-9.5 km/hr.)
Travel Speed - 2-Speed Low
0.0-5.9 mph (0.0-9.5 kg/hr.)
Travel Speed - 2-Speed High
0.0-9.1 mph (0.0-14.6 km/hr.)
62 kW (100 hp equivalent)
CO2 Emissions
Bystander Noise Level per ISO 6395
92.7 dB
Operator Position Noise Level per ISO 6396/ISO 4871
65.4 dB
Ground Pressure - Rubber Track (17.7 in.)
5.9 psi (.40 bar)

Fluid Capacities

Engine Oil with Filter Change
Engine Cooling System with Heater
Engine Cooling System without Heater
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Reservoir
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic System
Hydrostatic Drive Motor Brake Cavity (each)
Electronics Coolant (environmentally friendly propylene glycol)
.25 gal (1 qt)
Air Conditioning Refrigerant (R-134a)
1.6 lb. (.73 kg)

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