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Posted: 11/11/2015

Advanced Hydraulics Help Power Compact Excavators

The most important way to determine an excavator’s performance is to feel the balance between the hydraulic system and the engine horsepower. It’s the guts that determines the true performance of the machine.

Whether it’s a closed center valve, piston pump, load-sensing hydraulics or cushioned cylinders, each Bobcat® compact excavator model is designed with advanced hydraulic components that maximize power, speed, predictability and control. This ensures Bobcat excavators deliver the performance you demand.

More powerful
High-efficiency, torque-limiting piston pumps help advanced hydraulics deliver more usable power by continuously responding to loads. Matching force to demand, the workgroup maintains brute arm and bucket forces in demanding conditions. More power means more production, and more production means more profit.

More predictable
The same Bobcat Company-exclusive control valves that deliver smooth operation also deliver a predictable workgroup. They provide the level of house, boom, arm and bucket control you expect in the most challenging work environment. It’s the confidence in these precise movements that determines whether you complete the job using your machine or with two guys and a pair of shovels.

Other brands claim they are smooth but are often just slow. Coupled with cushioned cylinders, Bobcat advanced hydraulics feature exclusive control valve systems that deliver consistent oil flow to all functions. This results in smooth operation without sacrificing cycle times. Bobcat excavators are both smooth and fast, so you can get your work done more quickly.

True cycle times aren’t measured in a dealer parking lot. They’re measured on the job, under load. Matching cylinder size to pump capacities, advanced hydraulics deliver industry-leading cycle times. Try Bobcat against other brands in real-life situations, such as loading trucks, placing boulders or trenching. You’ll get the job done faster with Bobcat excavators.

Hydraulic X-Change mounting system
If you want the most convenient attachment changes in the industry, purchase the optional Hydraulic X-Change™ mounting system. Activate the hydraulic pins at the press of a switch; retract for attachment removal or extend for attachment hookup. Attachment capabilities make a big impact on your productivity. When attachment changes are simple, operators are more likely to use the proper-sized bucket and the best attachment for the job. That can mean fuel savings, less time spent backfilling and less wear and tear on your machine. The Hydraulic X-Change system maintains optimal “pin-on” bucket geometry — so that arm and bucket forces are not compromised.

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