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Posted: 09/01/2015

Protect Your Turf with Selectable Steering

Bobcat A770 all-wheel steer loader with auger attachment.

Do you worry when you drive machines over manicured lawns, patios and driveways? Are you tired of damaging sensitive surfaces and spending precious time and money repairing unnecessary scuffs and scars?

If so, an all-wheel steer loader may be ideal for you. Bobcat Company is the only compact equipment manufacturer to offer a loader with selectable steering modes: all-wheel steer or skid-steer mode. The two-in-one loader provides the reduced ground disturbance, smooth ride and low tire wear of a compact wheel loader, combined with the ability to have the tight turning radius and maneuverability of a skid-steer loader.

This transition from all-wheel steer to skid-steer mode is as easy as pushing a button in the cab.

Efficiency and agility
In all-wheel steer mode, the inside tires turn at a different angle and speed to provide precise steering and coordinated action. The left and right tires work together to roll through turns without tearing up finished turf or leaving marks on driveways.

The all-wheel steer loaders allows you to:
•  Choose the steering mode that’s best for a particular job.
•  Turn smoothly and minimize spillage as you carry loose materials.
•  Reduce tire wear and lower your replacement costs, especially if you frequently operate on asphalt or concrete.
•  Decrease expensive, time-consuming repairs caused by scarring and scuffing on pavement, streets, patios, lawns and other established surfaces.

Endless applications
All-wheel steer loaders are valuable in many settings:
•  Landscapers and nursery owners use all-wheel steer loaders to minimize ground disturbance when they transport sod, mulch and plants, or drive over pavers.
•  Grounds maintenance professionals operate them on established landscapes such as golf courses, lawns and parks.
•  Asphalt and paving contractors realize a cost savings in tires.
•  Construction, industrial, utility and municipal crews also take advantage of this cost-effective machine.

All-wheel steer loaders offer a powerful combination of versatility, precision and low-impact performance. Many owners have switched from less maneuverable equipment, and they'll never go back.

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