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Posted: 09/18/2015

Improve Excavator Accuracy with Bobcat Depth Check System

Achieve an accurate grade every time without leaving your cab using the Bobcat® depth check system.

Efficient and easy to use, the Bobcat depth check system delivers accurate dig depth measurement for precision grading performance. It prevents overdigging — and the associated costs — while also preventing underdigging and the resulting need for manual labor to finalize depth or grade.

How it works
Using sensors to detect the exact position of the bucket's teeth, the Bobcat depth check system allows you to establish a desired digging depth and work against an established benchmark. The integrated, optional deluxe instrument panel continually references the current and desired depths, and audible alerts indicate whether the operator is approaching the target, at the target or beyond the target.

With the system, you can:

  • Accurately achieve or sustain depth without exiting your excavator.
  • Avoid the need for someone to manually check the grade or depth with a tape measure or “stick” receiver.
  • Eliminate the need to set up laser equipment for small excavation jobs.
  • Integrate with the Bobcat deluxe instrument panel, offering simple operation while eliminating the need for an add-on window monitor in the cab. 
  • Combine with laser system for larger jobsites or at-slope tasks.

Top tasks

  • Trenching utility lines
  • Placing drainage ditches
  • Digging basements
  • Installing sewer lines and drain fields
  • Site preparation for footings or pads

The Bobcat depth check system is a dealer-installed accessory for select Bobcat compact excavators (E32i through E55 models) with deluxe instrumentation. It is compatible with standard-arm and long-arm configurations.

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