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Posted: 09/18/2015

How Easy Access Means Easy Maintenance

Bobcat compact excavator (mini excavator) service access.

Because downtime costs money, it’s crucial to select equipment that provides easy access to engine components and routine maintenance items. When you can keep your excavator in good working order, you lower your operating costs and have the potential to make more money, now and in the future.

Tailgate and side access
Look for access points that can open as wide or as high as possible, so you can see and get at all the major components.

Also, be sure to note the accessibility of:
•    Hydraulic oil fill, gauge and tank
•    Air filter
•    Fuel filter
•    Accessory belts
•    Alternator
•    Starter
•    Battery
•    Control valve
•    Engine coolant bottle and fill
•    Cooling core

Remember, routine maintenance is something you'll be faced with every day. If the components and parts are hard to get to, you'll dread it, and chances are, be less likely to do it, which could cost you in lost time and money down the road.

Bobcat Company understands that any shop time should go toward completing the repair, not spending that valuable time trying to gain access to the problem.

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