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Posted: 09/22/2015


Bobcat utility vehicle in the grasslands.

When you’re in the market for a do-it-all type of vehicle, you might want to consider the lineup of Bobcat® utility vehicles. In terms of bang for your buck, the balance of comfort, power, maneuverability and ruggedness make Bobcat utility vehicles hard to beat.

Of course, you can get around the jobsite or your property with an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). But Bobcat utility vehicles offer benefits that make them better than an ATV. What’s the difference, you say? Read on to find out.

Load capacity
Bobcat utility vehicles offer a much greater load capacity than ATVs, as well as a large rear cargo area. They are also more “commercially” rated than ATVs – and you can use the cargo box to carry more supplies, tools and materials.

Don’t forget the comfort factor. Our utility vehicles offer more leg and foot room so everyone enjoys a comfortable ride. A modular cab design gives you the flexibility to easily keep the elements out or let them in, depending on the season. And with seating for up to six, you never have to go it alone.

Attachment capabilities set Bobcat utility vehicles apart from traditional ATVs. With the flexibility to mow through tall grass in summer and push snow in winter, a wide selection of attachments provides many uses, quickly making your Bobcat utility vehicle one of the most important vehicles you’ll own.

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