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Posted: 09/01/2015

4 Advantages of the Bobcat Roller Suspension System

Roller suspension system

You have many undercarriage options for a compact track loader. Each offers unique advantages for comfort, different job demands and your personal preferences.

The Roller Suspension™ system from Bobcat offers an appealing combination: It offers a smoother ride without sacrificing durability.

1. Better durability
The heavy-duty rollers, idlers, forged-steel rollers and high-strength steel leaf springs deliver increased durability. All-steel rollers and idlers achieve a smooth ride without using weaker plastic or rubber. Go through harsher conditions, be in the field longer and greatly reduce your undercarriage repair costs.

2. Greater comfort
By minimizing ground vibration, the Roller Suspension system provides greater operator comfort. When you travel over rocks, jobsite debris, small curbs or across hard surfaces on a typical jobsite, the bumps are absorbed by 3/4 of an inch of free travel of each suspended roller. This means that the adjacent rollers can travel independent of each other. The system cushions these bumps, delivering a much smoother ride.

3. Easier maintenance
Cleaning your undercarriage doesn't have to be a chore. The Roller Suspension system has greater open area around the drive sprocket for improved cleaning. The design of the undercarriage frame enhances debris shedding when working in muddy conditions, preventing material from clogging the rollers and keeping the loader running.
The Roller Suspension system requires no greasing or adjusting. The rollers are permanently sealed and lubricated with synthetic oil, eliminating regular maintenance on this part of the system.

4. Improved performance   
Travel across jobsites faster. Easily drive over small bumps, debris and curbs, or load onto a trailer while the machine hugs the ground and smoothly transitions across its fulcrum. The Roller Suspension system absorbs normal feedback, so you're less apt to spill material from the bucket. You can also accurately cut grade because it reduces “grade bounce” with springs that have a stop to limit the stroke of the suspension.

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