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Posted: 01/03/2018

Get More Working Days with a Compact Track Loader

Bobcat T740 compact track loader dumps dirt with bucket.

What if you could extend your working season and make more money? While you can’t control the weather or change the seasons, you can control how you work through what Mother Nature delivers. Few pieces of compact equipment can help you stay productive more months of the year and provide a greater return on your investment than a compact track loader.

If you’ve never purchased a compact track loader, or haven’t purchased one in several years, there are compelling reasons to consider their capabilities.

Compact track loader versatility

Today’s compact track loaders are designed for excellent efficiency in performing a variety of jobs. Compact track loaders have impressive pushing forces and outstanding lifting capacities. They can be moved to multiple jobsites quicker than larger track-mounted equipment.

With the rising costs of transporting equipment, expanding a compact track loader’s versatility with a variety of different attachments can provide a cost-efficient alternative to moving a dedicated machine to the jobsite. Compact track loader owners can rent attachments, as needed, to complete tasks previously done by larger, dedicated machines.

Superior machine mobility

One of the most important advantages of a compact track loader is its tracks. In many parts of North America, a compact track loader can add days — or even weeks — to your working year. A compact track loader’s weight is spread out over a wider area, enabling increased flotation and minimal ground disturbance when compared to wheeled equipment.

Specifically, if your jobsites are hampered by frequent rain that creates soft, wet or muddy ground conditions, or if you must be productive in applications that contain sandy soils and granular-type materials, a compact track loader’s low ground pressure significantly increases its mobility. That means you can potentially start working earlier in the spring and work later into fall, depending on your jobsite conditions.

A compact track loader’s flotation can also help you avoid extra work, as it can minimize damage to established surfaces, such as lawns, patios, boulevards and previously landscaped areas, for fewer repairs when the job is done.

The following considerations can help you decide if a compact track loader is the best machine for your applications.

Capitalize on new business opportunities

Compact track loaders are designed with a unique balance of engine torque and tractive effort to manage multiple projects – from land clearing, site preparation, excavating and grading to utility installation, pavement construction and site restoration.

Maintain a finer grade

Compact track loaders typically maintain a fine grade better than rubber-tire machines for working in concrete flatwork or asphalt sub-base applications or when fine grading yards before sod/grass installation. In landscaping projects, the undercarriage and length of track on the ground also provide a better setup to move heavier loads, palletized material or paving stones on softer ground with ease.

Expand your services with attachments

Compact track loaders can power a large variety of attachments to expand your core services. Their increased weight and tractive effort provide better performance when working with many ground-engaging attachments. In other situations, the lower ground pressure of a compact track loader may increase attachment utilization.

●    Attachment versatility may eliminate the need to subcontract portions of a larger job, and they can help ease the adjustment to shifting markets or applications.

●    Attachments can be purchased or rented, helping create profit-driving versatility while minimizing expense and long-term cost of ownership. 

The complete package

Today’s compact track loaders represent an investment that is much more comprehensive than simply a list of specifications. They’ve been redefined by performance and comfort features that have turned this fleet asset into a complete package for owners and operators.

Compact track loaders are built with the performance and features to rival alternative construction equipment and empower entrepreneurs like you to expand your operation’s capabilities. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a solution that gets more working days out of a calendar year and provides more mobility, versatility or productivity than a compact track loader.

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