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Posted: 11/23/2015

How Joystick Controls Can Increase Your Productivity

Joystick Controls

Equipment manufacturers know that when you use your preferred control system and pattern, productivity typically increases and there’s less operator fatigue.

For that reason, many compact loader manufacturers offer different hydraulic control setups. Hand and foot controls have been available on compact loaders for a long time. In recent years, joystick controls have gained popularity. Operators like the reduced effort, low fatigue and adjustable settings this type of system offers.

Joystick advantages

For jobs that involve multiple operators, many manufacturers’ joystick control patterns can alternate between ISO and H-Pattern — to match a particular operator’s preference. This plays a key role in maximizing comfort, efficiency and productivity. Virtually all of the control systems allow attachments like a planer, trencher or tree spade to be activated with fingertip switches.

Some of these controls also have capabilities that provide adjustable response levels for operation in a variety of conditions. Machines that offer a built-in speed management feature allow you to adjust your travel speed separately from the engine speed — to achieve an optimal setting for the attachment you are operating.

Additionally, for side-shifted attachments, machines equipped with steering drift compensation can maintain a desired travel path in both forward and reverse directions. By adjusting the drive torque for either side of the machine, this feature enables you to perform functions on uneven surfaces without constantly correcting your path.

Increasing in popularity

No other joystick in the industry comes close to delivering the level of customization and control you’ll find with Bobcat® Selectable Joystick controls (SJC.) This system lets you control your skid-steer loader and attachments easily and comfortably by offering the following features:

  • Effortless controls
  • Speed management
  • Horsepower management
  • Drive response
  • Steering drift compensation
  • Selectable control pattern
  • Foot throttle
  • Fingertip switches
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