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Posted: 11/20/2015

Leasing Lowers Payments, Saves Money for Excavating Company

Leasing Lowers Payment

Leasing compact equipment is growing in popularity and can be an affordable option to traditional financing or buying compact equipment outright.

Imperial Excavating is an established excavating company that has found success through the Bobcat PowerLeaseSM finance program offered by Bobcat Company and its local dealer. Lower payments with unlimited hourly usage and flexible options to purchase, trade up or walk away at the end of the lease are just some benefits that attracted imperial excavating to lease multiple Bobcat® skid-steer loaders and compact excavators.

The move to PowerLease financing
Justin and Jennifer Suhr, owners of Imperial Excavating, have been in business since 2004, with the majority of their services consisting of excavating residential and commercial pools, spas and water features.

The business employs 15 individuals and prides itself on a diverse service offering:

  • Digging holes for installing trampolines to ensure the trampoline surface is level with the ground
  • Excavating for basements 
  • Grading, trenching and backfilling
  • Installing septic tanks 
  • Removing concrete, asphalt, sod, dirt and asphalt 
  • Renovating landscapes 
  • Supplying granite, sand and fill dirt to jobsites

To keep up with a growing demand for its services, Imperial Excavating needed to expand its compact equipment fleet — and did that using the PowerLease program.

“We really like the PowerLease program because the monthly payments are lower than purchasing, and we can get new equipment every three years,” Jennifer says. “These machines get used every day and a breakdown can be costly and slow down production. Leasing new equipment helps us keep going and saves us money.”

Other advantages include no down payment and a lower monthly payment than traditional financing.

Right size, better performance

Currently, Imperial Excavating leases multiple Bobcat skid-steer loaders and compact excavators on a 36-month lease, with unlimited hourly usage. The business also owns four hydraulic breaker attachments to help break up and remove rock, asphalt and concrete.

The company’s Bobcat loaders are operated at residential and commercial swimming pool excavation projects. The excavators’ conventional tail swing allows for better access through doorways, gates and crowded yards, with impressive lift capacities. At just 36 inches wide with a bucket, the S70 is the smallest Bobcat loader and can easily access and work in confined areas.

“We benchmark competitors’ services and set a higher standard, and meet this standard consistently,” Jennifer says. “That’s why on each jobsite we take a skid-steer loader and excavator. They easily fit through multiple gate sizes, giving us easy access to someone’s backyard, without removing the gate.”

The excavators also provide smooth operation for tough trenching jobs and can dig up to 12.9 feet deep in Arizona’s dynamic soil, which can consist of rocks or caliche — a sedimentary rock similar to natural cement.

A compact frame, ideal weight distribution, fast cycle times and powerful breakout forces are features the Suhrs appreciate about their Bobcat loaders.

When it comes to performance, ease of use and durability, the couple says there’s no comparison between Bobcat compact equipment and other loader brands.

“In my experience, Bobcat machines are more durable and the performance is better,” Justin says. “They save me time and money when my machines aren’t breaking down on jobsites. It also helps us keep on a tight schedule so we can finish jobs on time and keep our customers happy.”

Optimal equipment performance, along with a PowerLease program to fit Imperial Excavating’s needs, helps the business function efficiently, Jennifer says.

“We are proud to say that it was our uncompromising commitment to quality and being the ‘best-in-class’ that has successfully created our good image and reputation in our market,” she says. “This strategy also means quality over quantity. Imperial Excavating is one of the very few swimming pool excavating companies that can understand extremely complicated pool construction.”

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