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Posted: 12/09/2015

10 Reasons Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders Offer Dependable Uptime

M series cab

When your skid-steer loader isn’t running, you aren’t productive or profitable. Bobcat® skid-steer loaders are ready to work — with features and systems you can’t find anywhere else.

1. Maintenance-free chaincase

The rugged Bobcat chaincase is the only maintenance-free option in the industry. The drive chains (120 high strength chain or HSC) are 38 percent stronger to minimize the risk of breaking. While some manufacturers limit transferable horsepower to protect their smaller drive chains, Bobcat puts more horsepower in the drive chains.

The exclusive fixed-axle tubes, stronger axles and fully sealed bearings save you time and money. Stay out of the shop and spend more time on the job.

2. Better undercarriage design

Bobcat skid-steer loaders feature a keel-shaped undercarriage that navigates soft conditions and passes over obstructions. The design provides higher ground clearance and sheds debris to the outside, just as a V-shaped boat slices through water.

3. Tougher axles

The added axle strength and size of Bobcat skid-steer loaders handle the most rugged conditions. Protected seals and heat-treated axles improve durability.

4. Smart cooling

The Bobcat loader’s smart cooling system provides quieter operation, reduced maintenance and longer durability.

  • Quiet operation: The Bobcat SmartFAN senses the machine temperature and turns only as fast as needed, reducing noise levels by up to 30 percent over other cooling fans. The quieter operation makes it easier to communicate with co-workers outside the machine. The SmartFAN also uses less power and offers better cooling in extreme conditions without overheating.
  • More efficient coolin: The exclusive Bobcat loader dual-path cooling system brings clean, cool air from above, though the engine and hydraulic coolers, mixes it with engine compartment air, then exhausts it out two side vents. The system keeps hot air away from the operator while providing efficient cooling and cleaner engine components.
  • Protected cooling location: The radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are well-protected between the frame uprights. In addition, the hot radiator doesn’t interfere with the engine oil drain, oil fill, oil filter, air cleaner, battery and other routine maintenance areas. On other loaders, the radiator and oil cooler are inside the tailgate — which makes them vulnerable to damage from rebar, sticks and other debris.

5. Superior lift arm design

Bobcat loader's unique, patented lift-arm design is more durable. The lift arms keep every pin at each pivot point in the same plane. In addition, the pins are supported on both sides instead of only one side (cantilever design) in other machines. As a result, Bobcat loader lift arms have less lateral deflection (side-to-side lift arm movement) and reduced load on the pins themselves. Hoses are routed through the loader arms and frame uprights to minimize potential snag points.

6. The best engine access

Bobcat loaders are easier and faster to service than some other loader brands. Your engine checkpoints are within reach, so regular maintenance actually gets completed and your operating costs are reduced:

  • Swing-open tailgate provides unmatched access
  • Transversely mounted engine delivers one-sided, hands-on serviceability
  • Cab tilt provides easy access to hydraulic components

7. Vertical and radius lift-path options

With two lift-path choices, Bobcat skid-steer loaders have you covered — whether you need more reach at full lift height or maximum reach at truck bed height.

8. Machine shutdown protection

Machine shutdown protection in Bobcat skid-steer loaders monitors vital machine functions, such as engine coolant temperature, oil pressure and hydraulic oil temperature. If a monitored function is out of normal operating range, the system provides an audible alert and warning message. If the issue is severe, the system will shut down the machine to avoid catastrophic failure. Machine shutdown protection is standard on all Bobcat skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders and all-wheel steer loaders.

9. Self diagnostics

Onboard diagnostics on Bobcat skid-steer loaders monitor more than a dozen vital machine functions. The system efficiently troubleshoots problems in the field or prevents them before they occur. Downloadable machine performance history reduces the time needed to identify potential problems.

10. Deluxe instrumentation and theft protection

The optional deluxe instrumentation panel provides additional machine monitoring, theft prevention and other advanced capabilities. In addition to giving you more uptime, this Bobcat option provides peace of mind.

  • Keyless start security system: Lock the panel at the end of the day and use up to eight customizable security codes to unlock and start the machine. It adds protection and you avoid any more lost keys.
  • Attachment operation: The deluxe panel option shows operators which fingertip auxiliary controls to use for the attachment.
  • Multilanguage capabilities: Display machine functions, attachment information, troubleshooting messages and warnings in seven languages including Spanish, English and French.
  • Function lockouts: Lock out certain machine functions to prevent misuse or damage. For example, you may choose to lock out high-flow auxiliary hydraulics so operators do not accidentally activate this function with a non-high-flow attachment.
  • Other features: Digital time clock, resettable hour meter, attachment controls help menu and multiple password settings.
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