Dig Into Bobcat Attachments: The Preferred Tools for Landscaping

There are a wide range of tough landscaping tasks that need durable, versatile tools to help get the job done. One of the most versatile tools for landscaping is a compact loader. Being highly maneuverable, a compact loader can get onto residential lots easily and work within a small footprint. If you find yourself working on established lawns a compact track loader is a great choice due to its high flotation and low ground pressure which minimizes the need to make repairs to established turf. While they’re agile, they are also powerful. Compact loaders can carry pallets of sod, bricks, paver stones and other landscaping objects to make quick work of material handling tasks.   These machines are also perfect for final grading around foundations.

Landscaping Attachments Versatility & Variety 

The Bobcat family of attachments makes your job-specific landscaping challenges easier by efficiently and precisely shaping the land, whether its digging, leveling, smoothing or planting. To help you keep the upper hand during your busy season, here are some attachments that help turn a single compact loader into a versatile fleet. 


No matter what kind of landscaping job is at hand, Bobcat has you covered with a variety of buckets made to match the work you do the most. From tough digging to material handling, Bobcat® buckets are built strong and designed to make you more productive.

Pallet Fork  

Built to move bulky, bagged or palletized materials quickly and easily, the pallet fork and its adjustable tines take on lifting tasks like, carrying sod, pavers, bags of seed or palletized plants and trees. 

Landscape Rake  

When collecting surface debris, count on the landscape rake. It picks up most rocks' half an inch or larger while smoothing and leveling soil. It’s perfect for everything from site prep to preparing lawns for planting. Collected material can easily be removed from the jobsite and dumped elsewhere, leaving a clean finish behind. 


The auger is ideal for digging holes for posts, piers, poles or trees with speed and accuracy. The hydraulic motor offers the torque needed for digging in tough ground.  A variety of auger bits are available to match different digging and ground conditions.


Built to place seeds precisely into the soil for better germination and coverage, the seeder covers more than two acres an hour. Its front and rear rollers provide proper spacing and depth, producing optimum seed-to-soil contact with no lumps and a perfect seedbed.

Soil Conditioner  

An ideal, cost-effective attachment for any landscaping crew, the soil conditioner prepares soil while leveling and filling in fewer passes. Its carbide-tipped teeth easily rip through clumps while penetrating the ground. It has an easy-to-maintain direct-drive hydraulic motor, no chains or sprockets to worry about. 


Quickly turn a backyard plot into a soil bed with the tiller attachment. It quickly prepares land for planting as it is built with double-edge tines that tear through clumps and hardened materials. Top- and under-cutting are much easier with its bi-directional operation, which can be done next to sidewalks and buildings.  

Tree Spade  

This attachment digs and transplants trees with speed and efficiency. The tree spade can work between trees that are closely planted. It also works in a variety of soil conditions using blades that cut tree roots to form a rootball. With the rear stabilizers raised, the tree can be quickly moved and transplanted to a new location.  

Sod Layer  

The sod layer carries and lays rolls of sod quickly, reducing hours of difficult hand labor. It is compatible with many loader models.   

Landscaping challenges are easier with Bobcat equipment. Learn more about the full lineup of Bobcat landscaping attachments.