How Compact Loaders Are Beneficial for Forestry Work

When clearing trees or removing overgrowth, bush and debris from wooded areas, the all-purpose versatility of a compact loader will help you stay productive. 

Cutting Down Time and Branching Out Your Forestry Capabilities With Bobcat Compact Loaders

When clearing trees or removing overgrowth, bushes and debris from wooded areas, the all-purpose versatility of a compact track loader or skid-steer loader will help you stay productive.  

There are many advantages when using compact loaders for forestry work. Compact track loaders are the most popular choice because they offer efficient dozing and grading, substantial pushing power compared to other types of equipment, significant lifting potential, and the ability to travel on a variety of ground conditions – from wet, muddy ground to sensitive landscaped areas.  

A large family of job-specific forestry attachments is one of the biggest reasons why Bobcat® compact loaders are such a productive option when clearing trees, thinning wooded areas and cleaning up debris. Here are just a few of the popular Bobcat attachments used in forestry.   

Root Grapple 

The root grapple attachment is perfect for ripping through tough forestry tasks, including clearing roots, overgrowth and rocks. The root grapple attachment has curved, skeletal teeth that are designed for tearing out debris with minimal ground disturbance. It allows dirt to sift through the teeth, leaving more base material behind. With dual cylinders and an enclosed mounting frame, the root grapple attachment provides strong, steady clamping forces and long wear.

Stump Grinder 

With its carbide-tipped teeth, the stump grinder is perfect for reducing stubborn tree stumps to mulch. This front-mount attachment has a 90-degree angle mount, making it possible to access stumps in the tightest areas while offering great visibility. Because it operates off of the compact loader’s auxiliary hydraulics, there is no separate engine to maintain while operating.

Drum Mulcher 

The drum mulcher is the attachment to choose when turning trees and overgrowth into mulch. Its carbide teeth have the capability to tear apart the hardest woods.  Specific models have depth control rings to provide limited engagement of the cutting teeth for more efficient operation and a consistent mulch size.  The reinforced push bar and optional low-profile front gate provide optimal visibility to the drum and cutting teeth. Select models are compatible with super-flow auxiliary hydraulics, an option available on the Bobcat T86 compact track loader and the S86 skid-steer loader. Super-flow hydraulics give you increased attachment performance and maximum power for the job. 

Brushcat Rotary Cutter 

Built for heavy-duty cutting, the Brushcat™ rotary cutter mulches small branches and saplings – up to 3 inches in diameter – and powers through the thickest grass and brush. A unique oscillating and floating linkage system allows for improved maneuverability and productivity. It follows the contours of the ground better than any other rotary cutter on the market, cutting with fewer passes on uneven terrain.  

Flail Cutter  

The flail cutter is ideal for clearing out small trees and brush or cutting long grass. With a cutting width of 79 inches, it evenly distributes the cut debris. The thick steel deck design provides ample strength for the job, and three cutting heights give you versatility for a wide range of clearing duties.  

With Bobcat, cutting down timber and time just got easier. Learn more about Bobcat forestry attachments and find the right compact loader attachment for your upcoming job at a dealer near you.