Bobcat Attachments and Loaders Provide a Strong Foundation for Concrete Work

When it’s time to demolish or build concrete structures, such as slabs, sidewalks or driveways, gain the upper hand with Bobcat® compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders.

Concrete handling tasks demand tools that can stand up to the toughest materials. With powerful hydraulics and rugged durability, Bobcat compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders are the machines of choice for concrete contractors. Plus, a variety of Bobcat attachments are designed specifically for concrete work, providing job-matched speed and efficiency when it’s time to demolish, dig, level and clean up the jobsite.

Concrete Attachments 

Here are just a few attachments designed to help you take on concrete work.  

Heavy-Duty Bucket  

The all-purpose, heavy-duty bucket has a strong, high carbon cutting edge, a durable waffle-type skid plate and a cast mounting frame that extends the life of the bucket.

Rock Bucket  

Sifting rocks and debris from the surface just got easier. The rock bucket’s interconnected tines help separate unwanted objects from finer material, saving time and base material. Its skeletal design allows for greater visibility of the bucket tip, and its steel strength can stand up to concrete work.  


The breaker offers a smooth way to demolish concrete slabs, sidewalks and driveways. When powering through the toughest materials, like concrete and asphalt, the hydraulic breaker offers maximum efficiency and precision, driving consistent blows per minute. This attachment turns a compact loader or excavator into a force to be reckoned with – the perfect demolition machine.  


Cut and mill concrete and asphalt more efficiently with the Bobcat planer. Its side cutting teeth provide a vertical cutting edge that improves joint bonds between new and existing road layers. Select models are compatible with super-flow auxiliary hydraulics, an option available with on the Bobcat T86 compact track loader and S86 Skid-steer loader offering super-flow hydraulics, taking milling performance to the next level.  


The sweeper attachment is great for cleaning up concrete debris from roadways, driveways or other jobsites. Instead of spreading dust and debris around, the flicking action of its durable poly bristles sends it straight to the attachment’s collection bucket for dumping, simplifying a dirty job.  

Pallet Fork  

Carrying and unloading large amounts of concrete mix and other palletized materials is less work with the pallet fork attachment. Made to move heavy, bulky or bagged materials quickly and easily, its strength and endurance exceed industry benchmarks.  

Box Blade  

 The box blade’s compact size, controllability and low ground disturbance are ideal for grading flat surfaces and slopes with a near-perfect finish. The adjustable box-end wings help carry more sand and gravel, and the bottom edges are adjustable and replaceable. The HD box blade is compatible with a laser grading system, providing operators with extra control over the height of the bolster and cutting edge.  


 The Bobcat trencher is the go-to attachment when creating trenches in all soil conditions. Its convenient side-shift feature allows trenching close to obstacles, such as buildings, walls and fences. The auger moves material from the side of the trench, limiting debris fallback. The crumber removes soil from the trench bottom, providing a clean, smooth surface.   


A Bobcat grader attachment allows you to grade surfaces and prep for concrete with precision while maximizing productivity.  Graders can be used with lasers, sonic tracers and 3D systems.  These systems can get you to grade efficiently with accuracy as close as 3-5 millimeters with the 3D system .

Bobcat always has your back when it comes to making concrete work easier. Check out the full lineup of Bobcat concrete attachments to learn more.