3 Ways Bobcat Owner Portal Can Save You Money

Posted on August 26, 2019

Read how the telematics system on new Bobcat equipment can enable you to see the most important information about your equipment from any internet-connected device. Learn how to access your Bobcat Owner Portal, where you can see your machine’s location and more.


Imagine reaching into your pocket, pulling out your phone, and seeing exactly where your new compact excavator is located. Or receiving a text message if that excavator is somewhere it’s not supposed to be. You can make both a reality today with Bobcat Machine IQ Wireless Communications, the telematics service for new Bobcat equipment.

What are telematics?

Telematics sounds more complicated than it is. For equipment owners, telematics is simply a way for you to have greater control over your equipment. 

When we build new R-series Bobcat compact excavators and M2-series skid-steer or compact track loaders, we put electronic sensors in the machines. These sensors monitor important information about the machine, like the triggering of critical service code, fuel usage, the number of hours the machine has been operated and the machine’s location. Sensors collect this information and send it via a wireless cellular network to your internet-connected computer or mobile device, so that you can see it and make decisions. With telematics, you have greater access to information about your equipment than ever before.

What is Bobcat Machine IQ?

Bobcat Machine IQ is Bobcat Company’s official telematics service. Bobcat Machine IQ delivers vital, time-saving information about your R-Series compact excavator, or M2-Series skid-steer or compact track loader, to your Bobcat Owner Portal, a personalized website you can access via any internet-connected computer, phone or tablet. Bobcat Owner Portal takes the information collected from the electronic sensors in your machine and organizes the information so its is useful for you to make decisions.

If you own an R-Series compact excavator, or M2-Series skid-steer or compact track loader, visit my.Bobcat.com and click “create an account” at the bottom of the page to access your Bobcat Owner Portal.

Read on for three ways our telematics system can help minimize your downtime:

1. Increase equipment security 

Protect against unauthorized usage or machine theft using your Bobcat Owner Portal. Log in to see your equipment’s exact location thanks to the GPS tracking system. Then, draw a virtual fence (geofence) around your yard or jobsite. You’ll receive an email notification if the machine leaves that area. 

You can also set a curfew for your geofence, which notifies you if your equipment is operating somewhere it’s not supposed to be at a specific time. For example, if at the end of the day you bring your Bobcat T770 compact track loader back to your yard, but then someone turns it on a block away at 10 p.m. – you can receive an email notification right away.

2. Stay on top of proactive equipment maintenance 

Let your machines tell you when they’re in need of a tune-up with maintenance monitoring enabled by Machine IQ. 

See if your machine is having problems 

Your machine can send you an email if it detects a problem, called a fault code. You can log in to your Bobcat Owner Portal and see the fault codes detected on your equipment over the past seven days. 

Know when regular maintenance is due and how to get it done 

To keep your Bobcat equipment running strong, we recommend a regular service schedule based on the number of hours of operation on your machine. You can log in to the Bobcat Owner Portal to see a visual tracker of the hours on your machine and when preventive maintenance is due. You can also subscribe to emails that will tell you when maintenance is due and give you detailed information on the parts you’ll need and how to perform the maintenance.

3. Monitor operator efficiency 

In your Bobcat Owner Portal, you can see fuel usage and create reports to show your equipment’s idling and working time. With this information, you can have a clearer idea of how you or your operators are using your machines and how that may factor into the ownership costs associated with running your Bobcat equipment.

Machine IQ also helps your dealer maximize your uptime 

The Bobcat telematics system wirelessly transmits your Machine IQ data to your authorized Bobcat dealer. So if your machine registers a critical code, your dealer will know right away, can contact you and, if needed, can dispatch a field service technician. This can help to minimize your downtime, especially if you manage multiple Bobcat machines. 

Bobcat Machine IQ provides you remote wireless monitoring from your Bobcat Owner Portal (register today at my.Bobcat.com), and a telematics connection between your Bobcat equipment and Bobcat dealer. Together, these connections create a powerful network of information that can drastically improve your machine uptime.