5 Advantages of Bobcat Solid Mount and Roller Suspension Undercarriages

Published on October 1, 2019

A lot is riding on your compact track loader’s undercarriage, including operator comfort, ground clearance and machine durability. That’s why Bobcat is always refining and advancing our undercarriage design. Solid-mount and optional Roller Suspension system undercarriages (available on select Bobcat compact track loader models) provide Bobcat undercarriages five significant advantages on the jobsite.

1. Durable undercarriage components

Bobcat drive motors and hydraulic hoses are solid-mounted, unlike other brands’ compact track loader suspension systems. This design helps protect hoses from snags, vibrations, rubbing and debris while you work. Tough forged steel rollers and idlers provide a smooth ride without using weak plastics or rubber, meaning the machine is less prone to downtime and will require less maintenance.

2. Easy track carriage cleanout

A horizontally mounted tension cylinder creates more room between a compact track loader’s carriage and track for easier cleanout. The undercarriage is sloped on both sides of the tracks to easily shed material such as sand, dirt, mud and debris throughout the day. Raised cutouts between the rollers also make cleaning easier.

3. Comfortable ride

Dual-flange front idlers that ride on the rubber track’s roller way, along with wider rollers, help reduce vibration to improve operator comfort and reduce track wear to help extend the track’s life. Single-flange idlers remain on the rear of the machine to help minimize de-tracking.
The optional Roller Suspension system incorporates dual-flange front idlers and wider rollers, along with mono-leaf springs for smooth action.

4. Excellent undercarriage curb and ground clearance

Clearance of up to 10.8 inches at the rear of the machine allows compact track loaders to travel over curbs and other obstacles with less chance of catching on them. A ground clearance of as much as 9.4 inches at the center of the machine helps you travel through mud, sand and other soft soil conditions more easily.

5. Interchangeable tracks

Narrow and wide tracks for compact track loaders are interchangeable at your local Bobcat dealership. Bobcat tracks provide the best combination of flotation and traction. Many available options allow you to select the track pattern that you need for the type of work you do.

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