The Anatomy of a Bobcat Small Articulated Loader

Posted on June 6, 2020

A spacious cab for comfort during extended work days, versatile attachments to make the most of your investment, and a tight turning radius to enhance maneuverability are just a few of the features that make up the Bobcat small articulated loaders.


A landscaper’s dream machine, the Bobcat small articulated loader is small enough to fit into backyards and confined jobsites while still boasting a heavy lifting capacity. The unique compact loaders are turf-friendly and highly maneuverable, making them a great addition to any landscaping, tree care or grounds maintenance fleet.

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Big performance in a small package

Heavy Lifting Capacity 

Bobcat small articulated loaders bring heavy lifting capacity in a small package. With a standard integrated counterweight, your machine will have optimal lift capacity – we’re talking a rated operating capacity of up to 1,534 pounds. Plus, with optional, add-on rear counterweights that won’t hinder ground clearance or appearance, you can further enhance the lift capacity of your Bobcat loader. 

For comparison, the L23 small articulated loader has an operating weight of 3,790 pounds and a rated operating capacity of 1,395 pounds, whereas a S450 skid-steer loader has an operating weight of 5,027 pounds and a rated operating capacity of only 1,300 pounds. If that isn’t packing a serious punch into a small package, we don’t know what is. 

Attachment Versatility 

With more than 30 small articulated loader attachments available and approved to use with select skid-steer, compact track loader, and mini track loader attachments, you can get more versatility for your investment and even use some of the attachments you already own. Plus, with auxiliary hydraulics, you’ll be able to take advantage of even more attachment possibilities. Add the optional Power Bob-Tach system so you can change non-hydraulic attachments without leaving your cab. With the right attachment for your small articulated loader, you’ll be able to handle dirt and snow like a champ, dig holes with ease, move heavy pallets in minutes and more. 

Minimal Ground Disturbance 

Finishing a job with minimal surface repairs is always considered a win – and with a Bobcat small articulated loader it can be a reality too. Thanks to the tight turning radius and overall light footprint, the loaders minimize turf damage when turning and hauling loads. 

Tight Turning Radius 

An articulation joint gives the small articulated loader precise maneuverability, allowing it to work in enclosed yards and small work zones. The joint enables the rear tires to match the path of the front tires as they turn, resulting in a highly nimble machine that can easily navigate around jobsite obstacles. 

Automatic Traction Mode 

The Bobcat small articulated loader automatically enables one of two traction modes – high-traction or turf-safe – based on operation. When the steering wheel isn’t turning, high-traction mode provides excellent control and mobility over rough or slippery terrain. While actively steering, turf-safe mode provides minimal ground disturbance. Additionally, optional traction assist allows you to temporarily override the automatic modes and enable all wheels to travel through unfavorable conditions, similar to a differential lock. 

Spacious Cab 

The Bobcat small articulated loader cabs were engineered with the operator in mind. Compared to other small articulated loaders on the market, the L23 and L28 have more space for exceptional operator comfort. This additional cab space results in better productivity during long hours on the job. Bonus: Add the optional cab enclosure with heated seat to stay productive and comfortable in cold and wet weather. 

Telescoping Lift Arm 

Available on the L28 small articulated loader, the telescoping lift arm extends an additional 24 inches to a lift height of 104 inches. The telescoping lift arm features a dual-cylinder design that keeps the load level as you move the bucket and is synchronized with a hydraulic leveling link, which provides leveling assistance and minimizes spillage. 

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