Carson Wentz

Bobcat equipment gives pro quarterback Carson Wentz the home-field advantage.

Work hard. Face challenges head on. Know you’ve got what it takes to succeed. These are the winning strategies Carson Wentz uses as a record-setting pro football quarterback – and when operating his Bobcat® compact equipment.

No matter what, it’s about getting the job done. Whether that’s working with my teammates or working with my Bobcat equipment.

Carson Wentz

Carson grew up enjoying the great outdoors. Today, when he’s not battling it out on the gridiron, he enjoys getting outdoor jobs done on his acreage. To work efficiently, he depends on his Bobcat equipment and a variety of attachments and implements. They give Carson a real home-field advantage – an advantage you can get too. 

Why Carson Chooses Bobcat Equipment

Carson trains hard in the off-season, but didn’t need intensive training to put his Bobcat compact equipment to work. “Putting in roads, putting in gravel paths … we can do it ourselves, right here in our own backyard,” he says. See for yourself why Carson teamed up with Bobcat.

Growing Up in North Dakota 

Feeling true passion for the land. Putting in the work to reach a goal. Knowing the satisfaction of a job well done. Simple, honest values that Bobcat shares with Carson Wentz – and with anyone who takes the responsibility of caring for the land seriously, no matter where they live. 

Carson shattered records on the football field growing up in Bismarck, North Dakota. He went on to be the second overall pick in the first round of the pro football draft in 2016 and has set many records throughout his career. 

Growing up in North Dakota helped me to be the person I am today. A good work ethic… that was instilled in me from a young age. And it stuck with me. With hard work and the right tools, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Carson Wentz

Simple, honest values Carson shares with Bobcat

Bobcat shares Carson’s commitment to doing more and doing it better by building reliable, easy-to-use equipment you can count on to get the job done – time after time. 

Bobcat was born in North Dakota and invented the compact equipment industry more than 60 years ago. Today we lead the industry in creating a wide range of innovative compact equipment, technologies and solutions. We’re focused on helping our customers accomplish more and take on the toughest work on construction sites, landscaping projects, ranches, farms and acreages around the world. 

Being a North Dakota-based company, I know the values Bobcat has. Bobcat equipment is always hardworking, efficient and reliable for me.

Carson Wentz

Take a look at the equipment he uses to get the job done.

With a large acreage to work on, there’s a long list of jobs for Carson to tackle in the off-season. His versatile Bobcat machines and a variety of attachments and implements are ready to take on every one of them.

Carson Wentz's Equipment

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Compact Track Loaders Carson Wentz Uses His R-Series Compact Track Loader With Brushcat Rotary Cutter Attachment To Clear Heavy Brush On His Acreage

Compact Track Loaders

Carson's Bobcat T76 compact track loader delivers optimized performance, power and comfort for tough work on his acreage. Which model is right for you?
Compact Tractors Carson Wentz Stands On His Acreage With His Bobcat Compact Tractor

Compact Tractors

Carson relies on his four-wheel drive CT2035 compact tractor and front-end loader for maximum versatility. Find the model that’s right for your property.
Utility Vehicles Professional Quarterback Carson Wentz Climbs Into A Bobcat UTV On His Acreage

Utility Vehicles

From hauling project materials to towing heavy equipment, Carson uses his Bobcat UTV to tackle the toughest jobs on his acreage. Find your ideal machine.
Attachments & Implements Professional Quarterback Carson Wentz Attaches A Box Blade Tractor Implement To His 2035 Bobcat Compact Tractor

Attachments & Implements

With an angle blade, box blade, rotary cutter, tiller, snowblower, ballast box and quick hitch, Carson's ready for anything. Which ones do you need?