Revolutionizing the way you monitor and manage your fleet.

Wireless Communication and Telematics

Manage your equipment from anywhere. 

With Bobcat Machine IQ wireless communications and the Bobcat Owner Portal, you can confidently monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere, getting critical information to troubleshoot issues, schedule service or improve security. 

Bobcat Remote Monitoring And Telematics On Bobcat Mini-Excavator

Monitor Equipment Using Telematics

For equipment owners, telematics provides greater control over equipment. Sensors in select Bobcat equipment monitor important information about the machine, including the triggering of a critical service code, fuel usage, the number of hours the machine has been operated and the machine’s location. Sensors collect this information and send it via a wireless cellular network to an internet-connected computer or mobile device, so owners or dealers can see it and make decisions. With telematics, equipment owners have greater access to information about their equipment than ever before.
Bobcat Machine IQ And Compact Track Loader Promotional Image

Bobcat Machine IQ Wireless Communications

Bobcat Machine IQ, Bobcat Company’s telematics service, delivers vital information about select Bobcat equipment to the equipment owner’s Bobcat Owner Portal. The information is organized to help owners make decisions to increase equipment security, protect against unauthorized usage or theft, stay on top of proactive equipment maintenance, monitor operator efficiency and better understand ownership costs associated with running Bobcat equipment. The system wirelessly transmits Machine IQ data to the owner’s authorized Bobcat dealer. If a machine registers a critical code, the dealer will know and can contact the owner. This can help minimize downtime and save money.
Construction Workers Using Bobcat Dealer Locator on Tablet

Bobcat Owner Portal

Bobcat Owner Portal is a personalized website accessed via any internet-connected computer, phone or tablet. The platform collects machine information in real time as it reports to the owner. Owners can control which alerts they receive to proactively manage their equipment. If you own an R-Series or R2-Series compact excavator, or M2-Series or R-Series compact loader, you can create an account to access the Bobcat Owner Portal.