Our legacy is rooted in innovation. And we’re just getting started.

Innovation Leadership

We’re driving the entire industry forward.

Innovation is at the core of our company’s legacy. We invented the compact equipment industry more than 60 years ago, and we continue to be a driving force. We’re constantly exploring new ways to advance the industry with new technologies and by pioneering new products, services and possibilities to help our customers accomplish more.

There’s always more work to be done. That’s why Bobcat Company never stops creating new equipment, smart technologies and innovative solutions to empower our customers to accomplish more.

Wireless Communication and Telematics Remote Monitoring Graphic On Bobcat Compact Equipment

Wireless Communication and Telematics

Wireless communication and telematics make it possible for customers to have a heightened sense of awareness and greater control of their machines. Sensors in select Bobcat® equipment monitor and collect important information about the machine, including fuel usage, the number of hours the machine has been operated, the machine’s location and more. This information is then sent via a wireless network to an internet-connected device so owners or dealers can make informed decisions. With telematics, equipment owners have greater access to information about their Bobcat equipment than ever before.

Advanced Technology Features Bobcat Jobsite Geofencing Technology On A Compact Track Loader

Advanced Technology Features

As the industry leader in innovation, Bobcat is constantly finding new ways to improve efficiency and productivity through advanced technologies. We’re focused on developing intelligent, digital solutions that generate and utilize actionable data to address operator needs and jobsite situations. We’re always working on the next solution to empower operators to do more.

Innovative Engineering and Design Bobcat Electric Machine Illustration

Innovative Engineering and Design

We’re focused on delivering high-tech solutions designed around the realities our customers face on jobsites every day. From exploring the potential of all-electric machines to delivering the first prototypes, like the Bobcat T7X Compact Track Loader, these technologies and innovative engineered designs deliver more power and efficiency to empower customers to do more than ever before.

Acquisitions and Partnerships

To continue delivering the solutions our customers' work demands, we are taking the initiative to forge strategic partnerships and grow our overall business reach. Through these collaborations and acquisitions, we continue to inspire customers to conquer their toughest challenges and lead the compact equipment industry forward.

Mowers and Grounds Maintenance Acquisitions

Mowers and Grounds Maintenance Acquisitions

The investment in acquiring BOB-CAT Mowers and the Steiner and Ryan grounds care maintenance brands is part of our long-term, strategic growth initiative as a global leader in the compact equipment industry. Bringing on these strong brands and their great people furthers our effort to reach more customers and markets.

Partnership With SafeAI

Partnership With SafeAI

We have partnered with SafeAI – a startup company located in Silicon Valley – to explore how advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies could be incorporated into Bobcat equipment. Through this pilot program, SafeAI plans to demonstrate how the latest AI technologies – Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL – can be used to perceive complex dynamic environments around equipment and provide automated control.