5 Productivity-Focused Technologies Available with Your R-Series Compact Loader

Published on April 23, 2020

The next generation of compact loaders are here, and this time they’re packed full of exciting, new technology to not only improve operator comfort and usability but also reduce downtime.

Bobcat MaxControl Remote Operation, Bobcat Features on Demand and more technology features in the new R-Series T76 and S76 compact loaders were designed to help you do more and do it even better than before.

1. Touch screen display

Touch screen displays have come a long way from just being a perk in your new vehicle. Now available in R-Series compact loaders, the optional touch display is packed full of features to optimize uptime and increase operator connectivity.

The optional touch display in the R-Series skid-steer and compact track loaders has been considered one of the most advanced in-cab displays for compact equipment, and it’s easy to see why. The large screen is waterproof and durable enough to work with open cabs and in extreme weather, all while enhancing loader operation. Operators can easily access detailed machine information – including comprehensive error code explanations – to optimize uptime and enhance overall serviceability.

Not only will owners and operators benefit from increased uptime and better serviceability, but productivity can also be elevated by the touch display. Operators can monitor and position select attachments and optimize those attachments by using on-screen tips and information. Company owners can track operator productivity with the operator statistics and job clock features.

The optional touch display also offers operators extraordinary device connectivity, upgraded security features and improved visibility with the on-demand, standard rearview camera display.

2. Bobcat Machine IQ wireless communication technology

Wireless communication technology, also referred to as telematics, is quickly becoming an essential feature in the compact equipment industry. The right telematics service can increase equipment security, help you to stay on top of maintenance, allow you to monitor operator efficiency and increase machine uptime.

Available on R-Series compact loaders, Bobcat Machine IQ is Bobcat Company’s official wireless communication technology service. The service works with electronic sensors on your machine to deliver detailed information to the Machine IQ application on the Bobcat Owner Portal – a personalized website. Once in the owner portal, you’ll find organized information collected from your machine so you can easily make quick decisions. With Machine IQ, you can also monitor operator efficiency, set machine curfews and track your equipment’s exact location.

The wireless communication technology takes things a step further and transmits your Machine IQ data to your authorized Bobcat dealer. The system will help your dealer increase your uptime protection by alerting you if your machine registers a critical code. They can then contact you and, if needed, dispatch a field service technician to correct the issue.

3. Attachment technology

As an industry leader in attachments, Bobcat Company is always innovating its attachments to help customers save time and reduce labor. Enter: The Bob-Dock attachment mounting system. The ultimate time-saver, the system allows you to secure hydraulic attachments in seconds and automatically connects the hydraulic lines, all from the comfort of your cab. The innovative attachment technology also makes removing attachments hands-free by just pressing a simple switch.

Durable enough to handle all jobsites and conditions, the Bob-Dock attachment mounting system keeps your loader working strong thanks to the strategic design that ensures the connection and adapter plates won’t get clogged with mud or other materials. 

4. Bobcat MaxControl remote operation

While remote-control operation isn’t a new concept in the industry, Bobcat MaxControl remote operation advances the concept past the traditional large and bulky systems. Bobcat MaxControl remote operation takes the hassle out of lugging around large remote controls and instead provides operators with a convenient, accessible way to control a compact loader via an iOS app. The app allows you to command machine functions and operate attachments from outside of the cab and up to 300 feet away. A cost-effective enhancement, Bobcat MaxControl remote operation turns a two-person job into a job that a single operator can complete.

5. Features On Demand

New with the launch of the R-Series compact loaders, machines equipped with Features On Demand allow you to customize your equipment even after you’ve made your purchase. With a Features On Demand enabled loader, you’ll be able to test features easily before you purchase to select your desired initial feature set, and enable new features as your needs change. The best part? You’ll be able to take advantage of a lower upfront cost compared to buying a fully equipped compact loader that won’t be using all the features from the start. Plus, you can benefit from lower expenses when enabling the other features you need later.

Along with enhanced technology, the new R-Series compact loaders have a one-piece, sealed and pressurized cab to give the operator a more comfortable working environment and better access when it comes time for any maintenance or repairs. The loaders also offer more lift capacity thanks to the cast-steel lift arm updates, better visibility and an improved cooling system, just to name a few.

Now that you’ve learned about the latest technology and some of the new features available in the R-Series compact loaders, contact your Bobcat dealer to learn more or schedule a demo.