Find Used Bobcat Equipment for Sale with Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned

Published on February 12, 2020

Find used Bobcat® equipment for sale with less stress. Just look for the Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned equipment sticker on the windshield at your authorized Bobcat dealership. You can trust the equipment passed a thorough inspection by a trained technician. All Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned equipment also comes with a Bobcat-backed Protection Plus extended warranty.

Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned equipment must be less than four years old and have less than 2,000 operating hours. Only Bobcat skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders and mini excavators are eligible to be Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned equipment.

Before we consider a machine Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned, it must pass the following tests:

  • A BobCHECK℠ machine inspection by a trained Bobcat technician
  • A hydraulic pump test
  • A review of the technician’s work by Bobcat Company

What gets inspected in Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned equipment?

Each part of the machine must pass the inspection, or be repaired, replaced or serviced, before the machine can be approved for the Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned program.

First, a Bobcat-trained technician performs a BobCHECK machine inspection. This includes all parts of the machine, including the frame, the engine, the hydraulics – even the upholstery.

After the BobCHECK inspection, a technician performs a hydraulic pump test on the machine. This ensures the hydraulic pumps are in proper working order.

The technician then takes photos of the machine from all sides, the cab, the hour meter, the engine compartment and the serial number plate. The photos, along with the hydraulic pump test results and service log are submitted to Bobcat Company for review.
Bobcat then reviews all the submitted documents as well as the BobCHECK inspection report. The machine will be approved as Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned if the machine meets all condition requirements and the technician followed the correct process.
If the equipment is approved, the dealer can brand and market the machine as Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned. Not all machines make the Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned cut. It’s a tough process, but it’s how we make sure we are putting the Bobcat seal of approval on quality machines.
We know how stressful it can be to find trustworthy used Bobcat equipment for sale. Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned equipment is how we can help you get the performance you need and expect from our industry-leading equipment at a lower price.
Find Bobcat Certified Pre-Owned machines in your area by contacting your local Bobcat dealer.