Heat up Your Winter Productivity With Bobcat Snow Removal Attachments for Compact Loaders

Published on October 6, 2023

When the winter work season comes out of hibernation, removing heavy snow is a routine that demands much of your time. It is important to have the right snow removal attachments for your compact loader to make the most of every hour. 

When the winter work season comes out of hibernation, removing heavy snow is a routine that demands much of your time. It is important to have snow removal equipment, like a Bobcat skid-steer loader or small articulated loader, to help you make the most of every hour. 

Whether you’re pushing, lifting or piling in parking lots, driveways or sidewalks, the family of Bobcat® snow removal attachments make it easy to find the perfect match for the snow removal tasks you do the most.  

Listed below are some compact loader attachments that will clear more time in your snow removal schedule.  

Angle Broom 

The angle broom attachment is perfect for multidirectional sweeping of light snow, from driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and warehouses. The self-centering hydraulic angle system keeps the attachment centered on the machine and avoids the risk of the attachment becoming offset.  The unit stays centered in front of the machine to help with keeping the machine on the sidewalk, reducing damage to surfaces outside of the desired cleaning area.   

Snow Pusher Pro  

Used to clear snow from parking lots, driveways and building sites, the snow pusher pro is designed to support the efficiency of commercial snow removal companies. It functions as a snow pusher and an angle snow blade all in one. The blade features a tall, 9-inch trip-edge, which prevents accidental damage when encountering hidden obstacles.  The blade trips when you need it to and stays put when you don’t.   


Built to throw snow in any direction, the snowblower efficiently clears snow from driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. Redesigned with an increased intake height, the snowblower draws more snow in faster, allowing snow removal at a quicker speed. Select models are compatible with high flow and super-flow auxiliary hydraulics, an option available with select Bobcat loader models. With high flow and super-flow hydraulics, you have more hydraulic flow to maximize snowblower performance.  

Snow and Light Material Bucket  

Bobcat snow and light material buckets are ideal for moving snow. The high-back design assists with pushing and piling, completing snow removal with maximum efficiency.  

Snow Blade  

Compatible with many different Bobcat equipment models, the snow blade’s high-carbon steel cutting edge makes it easier to plow through deep drifts. Fingertip controls allow easy blade positioning and operation.  

Bobcat has more ways to make the snow go away this winter. Check out the full lineup of Bobcat snow removal attachments to learn more.