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Posted: 09/01/2015

Why a Durable Chaincase is Key to Loader Longevity

Bobcat S530 skid-steer loader with grapple attachment.

The skid-steer loader’s chaincase houses the final drive sprockets and chains that power the axles. It's a major component of a skid-steer loader, and you need it to be durable.

Comparing chaincase components may seem unnecessary, but it could be the difference between steady performance and costly, time-consuming maintenance or downtime.

Here’s a quick checklist to use when looking into a loader’s chaincase.

  • Adjustment-free
    Many brands tout their ability to adjust drive chains, but why would you want more periodic upkeep that means more time in the shop? The chaincase on Bobcat® skid-steer loaders requires no adjustments. Using strict manufacturing tolerances and pre-stressed, high-strength oval chains, Bobcat loaders are built for longer uptime and less maintenance.
  • Large chains
    With strong drive chains, a loader can transfer more horsepower and minimize the chances of downtime. While some manufacturers limit transferable horsepower to protect their smaller chains, Bobcat loaders have the industry's largest drive chains. With no master link, thick side-link plates and hardened pins, the chains extend your uptime.
  • Tougher axles
    Compare axles and you will find that Bobcat Company offers the largest, both in size and weight. Operate confidently in rugged conditions without worrying about downtime.
  • No-maintenance axle bearings
    Many axle bearings on other loader brands require periodic greasing and more shop time. Bobcat axle bearings are automatically lubricated from the chaincase oil, so no greasing is required. The flanged axle hub design protects the seal from twine and wire, and damage from other debris.
  • Greater maneuverability
    The Bobcat chaincase design gives the loader a better angle of departure, which improves your performance on inclines and soft ground conditions. In addition, it reduces the chances of bumping a ramp or the ground when you load or unload on a trailer. The greater clearance behind the rear tires allows for better maneuverability when working in confined areas. Bobcat loaders undercarriage is keel-shaped — instead of flat — with the lowest point at the center of the machine. Ground clearance increases closer to the wheels. The design allows the loader to pass over obstructions, much like a boat slices through water.

When your project or task demands top performance, be sure your skid-steer loader's chaincase is up for the job.

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