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Posted: 11/11/2015

The Secrets to Unmatched Compact Excavator Comfort

Cab comfort.

Durability. Reliability. Versatility. Of course those are priorities when choosing a compact excavator to improve your productivity. But comfort? For some, it’s last on the list. But think about it: The longer you can comfortably stay in the seat of your machine, the more productive you’ll be. That’s why comfort should be one of the most important considerations when buying a compact excavator.

Here are a few features that make Bobcat compact excavators more comfortable — to help you be more productive.

Industry-Leading Cab Space

Whether you wear size 8 or size 13 boots, a roomy cab with more space for your knees, feet, legs and upper body will always equal less fatigue at the end of the day. A roomy cab won’t make you feel cramped or make movement difficult. And larger doorways ensure you can enter and exit easily. Bobcat excavators offer the industry’s most cab space, providing about 20 percent more interior cab volume than other excavator brands, along with the largest cab entry/exit room.

Quieter Operation

Lower noise and vibration levels provide long-term comfort and reduce fatigue. Bobcat excavators feature a redesigned engine, air intake, cooling and exhaust systems, combined with new pump and valve designs that help reduce sound levels.

The engine idles automatically to lower noise levels when you pause your work for more than four seconds. The previous throttle position resumes when you move the joystick or engage a travel function — helpful when you want a quick break or need to communicate on the jobsite.

One-Hand Travel Control

To simplify your travel, the travel motors automatically shift to and from high range. Simply select the travel range and go. A directional lug track provides a smoother ride and less vibration. It’s valuable as you move to different jobsites throughout the day.

Ergonomic Controls

Operator-friendly, ergonomic controls keep you productive all day long. You can control attachments with precision, flexibility and low fatigue. And you can grade, level and backfill with less operator input. Head to the next jobsite using the one-hand travel control. You can also adjust the arm rests for added comfort.

Improved Air Movement

Long days in extreme weather can be exhausting. Bobcat compact excavators offer an impressive climate control system with multiple air vents to direct warm or cold air where you want it. The system has a full range of temperature control and provides comfort in extreme weather conditions — so you can finish the job.

Ergonomic Travel Pedals

On all our excavator models, you can control travel speeds with more comfort and precision. And fold-up pedals provide for optimum foot room.

Comfortable Seat

You’re doing tough work day in and day out. That’s why select Bobcat models feature a king-sized adjustable suspension seat to provide the ultimate comfort during long hours of operation. Other models feature a standard, super deluxe seat with suspension, lumbar support and limitless adaptability for you and your operators. Adjust the seat relative to the joysticks, exactly where you need it.

Precise Engine Speed Adjustments

Throttle adjustments are made with an easy-to-use rotary knob (available on most models). The knob gives you precise control and adjusts easier than a lever.

Convenient Storage

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the day go a little smoother. Select Bobcat excavators offer thoughtful features so you can carry your gear in the storage bins, keep your favorite beverage in the large cup holder and power your cell phone or other devices.

There is a direct relationship between your comfort and productivity. That’s why it’s critical that you remain comfortable whether you spend an hour or an entire day at the controls.

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