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Posted: 11/11/2015

Four Jobs this Clamp Does Better

Bobcat E42 with pro-clamp

Go beyond the capabilities of a typical hydraulic clamp attachment with the Pro Clamp™ system from Bobcat Company. The Pro Clamp™ system consists of a base component, standard pin-on work tool and optional grading tool.

The advanced system allows you to perform demolition or tear-out work, create smooth trench bottoms, clean up spoil piles, and install or repair utilities. Remove the tool as needed for optimum visibility.

The ProClamp™ System allows you to:

  1. Grab large, small or irregular objects with greater confidence.
    The Pro Clamp™ system allows you to optimize the standard hydraulic clamp configuration for a variety of tasks. The standard work tool can be pinned at a higher point on the base to provide a wider jaw and more aggressive grabbing action for handling bigger material — such as larger-diameter utility pipes, boulders and logs. You can also follow the bucket farther toward rollout compared to a standard hydraulic clamp.
  2. Create a smooth trench bottom with the grading tool.
    The 24-inch Pro Clamp grading tool is reversible, allowing for dual functionality. With the grading tool pinned in the forward position on the bucket, it provides a smooth cutting edge on the bottom of a trench that eliminates the need for a second “smooth-lip” bucket.
  3. Clean up spoil piles quickly with the grading tool.
    When the grading tool is pinned in the reverse position on the bucket, it is designed for faster transitions from cleanup areas to dump trucks by removing spoil piles quicker and reducing manual shoveling.
  4. Remove the tools when trenching.
    For enhanced visibility into the trench area and unlimited bucket curl for reaching above truck height when loading material. No tools are required to change or remove both tools.

The Pro Clamp™ system is available as a factory-installed option and as a dealer-installed accessory for select Bobcat® M-Series compact excavators. It is compatible with standard-arm and long-arm configurations but cannot be used with the extendable-arm option.

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