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Posted: 01/04/2016

Versatile Equipment Creates New Business Opportunities

Although John Clark has spent almost four decades in the concrete business, he is no longer knee-deep in cement. These days, you can find him demolishing an old floor inside a building, removing a foundation, completing a landscaping project, constructing a retaining wall or installing a drainage system.

“When our concrete work slowed down for a time, we wondered what else we could do. Luckily for us, we had the type of equipment that allowed us to take our company in other directions. I learned quickly that if you have Bobcat® equipment, you always have someplace to go to work,” says Clark, owner of Keystone Enterprises, Inc.

Finding a niche
Since 1976, Clark focused his business on concrete construction. That is, until about four years ago when things changed.

“A friend was successfully using a Bobcat 325 to do a lot of work by himself,” he recalls. “When he moved out of state, I purchased his excavator and filled the niche that he had created for himself.”

Clark, who works with his son, Rob, saw an opportunity to do more a couple years later. That’s when he added the T750 compact track loader, the E50 compact excavator and some more Bobcat attachments.

While the M-Series E50 was a significant addition to the company’s excavating capabilities, the T750 was the first Bobcat loader owned by Keystone Enterprises. Plenty of features made the machine appealing — incredible power for pushing snow and carrying materials; 11 feet of vertical lift; and a spacious, comfortable cab with superior visibility.

“The Bobcat equipment really fit the way we want to work,” says Clark, “which is to diversify into areas where we can do the entire job ourselves. That means not waiting for someone else to do their portion of the project.”

Attachments expand jobsite opportunities
Clark’s aim is to stay small but continue to produce a high volume of work.

“Before we purchased our Bobcat equipment, we were limited to concrete,” Clark says. “Now we can continue to diversify, especially as we add attachments.”

The company owns an industrial grapple, 100-inch snow bucket, pallet forks and a hydraulic breaker for the loader, and a grading bucket, clamp, ripper and hydraulic breaker for the excavators. 

“I really enjoy the opportunity to do a variety of work,” Clark says. “After decades of lugging around concrete panels and producing square boxes, it’s nice to try something different. We couldn’t do this without our Bobcat machines.”

Selectable Joystick Controls fit needs ‘perfectly’
“Before owning the T750, from time to time I operated other loaders and really never had a good feeling for getting my hands and feet to move at the same time,” Clark says. “so the SJC (Selectable Joystick Controls) fit my needs perfectly.”

Clark’s son Rob is sold on the speed management function.

“When I am digging in a pile of dirt, I can slow down the tracks to avoid spinning and maintain power,” Rob says. “At some of our jobsites, it’s important to slow down the machine and still have the power in the attachment.”

Another benefit of speed management: lower fuel consumption.

Both agree that the loader controls result in less operator fatigue at the end of the day. Regardless of the job, the SJC features make operating the loader almost effortless.

Bobcat SJC features:

  • Horsepower management. Improves efficiency by automatically matching engine torque to workload.
  • Selectable control patterns. Perfect for jobs that involve multiple operators using the same machine, SJC enables operators to alternate between SO or H-pattern hand controls with the flip of a switch.
  • Speed management. Allows the operator to adjust the maximum travel speed at full stroke of the joystick, dialing in a slower travel speed to match the job demands and have more precise control of travel speed throughout the joystick range.
  • Driver response mode. Gives the operator a choice among three different settings for drive response to joystick movements. Choose a higher mode for a quicker drive response, or a lower mode for slow and smooth operation.
  • Steering drift compensation. This feature helps keep the loader on a straight path when using side-shift attachments, such as a planer or trencher, that tend to pull the loader to one side.
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