How to Match Your Compact Loader Hydraulics with the Right Attachment

Published on March 22, 2023

When purchasing a new Bobcat® compact track loader or skid-steer loader, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of work you do every day. Buying the right loader and attachments can make you more efficient while tackling your most challenging tasks. To get the most out of your investment, Bobcat offers three different auxiliary hydraulic options to match application and attachment performance. Selecting the right option for the jobs you do can optimize your work efficiency and performance. Let’s review the three auxiliary hydraulic options available on Bobcat loaders.


The versatility of a new compact track loader or skid-steer loader, along with the wide breadth of attachments offered, eliminates the need for multiple, expensive specialty machines. Bobcat attachments often require auxiliary hydraulics systems to work, these attachments may require different hydraulic flows to work at maximum efficiency.  

This article will help you decide which Bobcat auxiliary hydraulic flow option is right for your machine, based on the attachments you plan to use. Matching the right hydraulic flow option to your specific job needs will provide you with the best efficiency and performance year-round. Let’s take a closer look at the three different auxiliary hydraulic flow and attachment options available for compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders from Bobcat.

Standard-Flow Hydraulics vs High-Flow Hydraulics vs Super-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics 

  • Standard-Flow Hydraulics: Standard flow, which comes standard on compact track and skid-steer loaders, is appropriate for attachments that require lower hydraulic horsepower. The standard-flow option ranges from 17.6 gallons per minute to 23.6 gallons per minute depending on loader model, with 3,500 psi, and works great for attachments like combination buckets, augers, hydraulic breakers, trenchers and grapples (industrial, root, and utility). This flow will provide the necessary performance capabilities for general worksite clearing, landscaping and grounds maintenance.  

  • Bobcat compact track loader models with only standard-flow hydraulics: T450, T550, T595, T650 

  • High-Flow Hydraulics: The high-flow option provides additional hydraulic power to increase production with attachments like the Bobcat stump grinder, planer, flail cutter and trencher. High flow ranges from 26.9 gallons per minute to 36.6 gallons per minute depending on loader model, and 3,500 psi, providing operators with the capability to tackle a larger variety of tasks with ease and efficiency. Optional high-flow hydraulics will still give you the choice of using a standard flow range, so you always have the option of using lower-flow attachments. 

  • Super-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics: The Super Flow option (exclusive to the T86 and S86) tackles the most demanding applications, like milling pavement, blowing snow and clearing land of trees and heavy brush. Working at 42 gallons per minute and 4,061 psi, super flow is the highest-level auxiliary flow option offered. Super flow equipped loaders can use attachments designed specifically for super-flow hydraulics, such as the snowblower, planer, and drum mulcher – as well as high-flow and standard-flow attachments.  The T86 and S86 are the industry’s first loaders to be equipped with three optional hydraulic flow ranges for standard, high and super.  

  • Bobcat compact loader models with optional super-flow hydraulics: T86, S86 

T86 and S86 models that are equipped with high-flow or super-flow hydraulics also include the Premium Power Performance feature. This system improves work efficiency by distributing more power when and where it’s needed during multi-tasking operations. The result is smoother, faster operation with maximum power. The Premium Power Performance feature means more heavy-duty work is done at the end of the day, every day.  

With so many versatile attachments available, it’s easier than ever for your Bobcat machine to replace several expensive, dedicated single-use machines, at a low initial investment. You can purchase attachments for your day-in, day-out tasks, and rent from your local Bobcat dealer for those special one-off projects. Your hard-earned money goes further with Bobcat equipment

Your local Bobcat dealer can offer additional advice on choosing the right hydraulic options based on the jobs you’re planning to do, the conditions you’ll be working in, and any future goals or projects.  

Contact your local Bobcat dealer to get working with your new compact track loader or skid-steer loader.